Irwin Tools Night Race

    Bristol Motor Speedway - Bristol, TN
    Saturday, August 21, 7:43 pm ET

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    Meet the 2010 Chasers and wannabes

    Radio chatter: Kyle Busch's Spotter Eddie D'hondt: "We are in the presence of greatness"


    WHITE FLAG - Kyle Busch leading.

    Lap 497: Kyle Busch reporting problems with just a handful of laps remaining!

    Radio chatter on Lap 495: Brad's spotter tells him Kyle is 10 cars back

    Lap 484: Kyle Busch's lead is up to 2.327 seconds.

    Lee Spencer says on Lap 463: Kyle Busch owes Harvick a beer for blocking the No.1 car in the pits during the last stop. It changed the complexion of the race

    Lap 457: Dale Jr. drops two spots in recent laps - he's ninth now.

    Lee Spencer says on Lap 449: If the race ended now, Boywer would have a 93-point lead over Mark Martin.

    Radio chatter on Lap 447: Dale Jr: "It's going away quick" He asks his spotter TJ Majors, "Let me know when the 42 is coming"

    Lap 440: Kasey Kahne who pitted early with a flat tire is challenging McMurray for P3.

    Lap 436: As Reutimann and McMurray battle for P2, Kyle Busch grows his lead - up to 1.578 seconds now.

    LEAD CHANGE - Lap 429: Kyle Busch gets past Reutimann for the lead!

    Lap 427: Kasey Kahne takes fourth from Clint Bowyer and is charging

    Lap 422: Contact between Busch and Reutimann! Reut gets squirrely but keeps the lead.

    Lap 420: Reutimann-Kyle Busch side-by-side for the lead. McMurray closing in as a result.

    Radio chatter on Lap 419: Crew chief Bono Manion tells McMurray to hang tight..there will be another caution

    RESTART - Lap 415: David Reutimann leads. Kyle Busch looking.

    Lap 410: Kyle Busch fakes that he is about to pit but decides to stay on track during the caution.

    CAUTION 7 - Lap 408: Debris on the backstretch.

    Lap 406: TV replay show contact between the 18 and 26 in Turn 2

    LEAD CHANGE - Lap 404: David Reutimann leads. He has already pitted.

    LEAD CHANGE - Lap 403: Mark Martin takes the lead - he still has to pit.

    LEAD CHANGE - Lap 401: Jeff Gordon leads during the pit stops.

    Lap 400: Race leaders Kyle Busch, Jamie McMurray pit. Busch wins the race off pit road!

    Lap 397: Ambrose pits.

    Lap 396: Biffle pits.

    Lap 393: David Reutimann, Dale Jr. pit. Green flag pit stops underway.

    Radio chatter on Lap 392: Kyle Busch tells the crew he has to turn the front better. "When do we pit?"

    LEAD CHANGE - Lap 389: McMurray takes the lead in Turn 4

    Lap 388: McMurray trying high and low to make the pass for the lead.

    Lap 386: McMurray right on race leader Kyle Busch's bumper.

    Lap 382: Kasey Kahne slowing - he was up to P9 - right front tire is down. He pits.

    Lap 380: Busch clears Keselowski.

    Lap 377: Side-by-side between Keseloski and Kyle Busch!

    Lap 372: Kyle Busch is now right behind Brad Keselowski and about to put him a lap down. Will we see fireworks?

    Lee Spencer points out on Lap 368: Jamie McMurray can run the low line.

    Lap 365: Jamie McMurray in P2 -- 0.316-seconds behind leader. This is the closest any competitor has been to Kyle Busch following a long green run.

    Lap 363: Mark Martin goes down a lap - he's 20th.

    Lee Spencer reports on Lap 358: Speaking of recovering, after loose lugnuts and dropping to 26th, Carl Edwards is currently running 14th

    Radio Chatter on lap 355: Spotter Mike Calinoff to Kenseth - "Stay with me. We'll recover"

    Lap 353: Kenseth is now 25th, 2 laps down - and fighting race leader Kyle Busch to not go down 3 laps.

    Lap 346: Eighth-place Matt Kenseth pits. He had a right front flat.

    Lap 342: Jamie McMurray passes David Reutimann for P2.

    Radio chatter on Lap 337: 48 says there is something wrong with the bottom end. "We need to come work on it" - and he's back on pit road.

    Lee Spencer asks on Lap 336: Now that he's back on track, does Johnson go after Montoya?

    Lap 326: Jimmie Johnson coming back out after a lengthy garage stop - down 65 laps to the leader.

    Radio chatter on Lap 322: Spotter Eddie D'hondt to Kyle Busch - "Attaboy, that's the way to work the traffic." That traffic enabled Reutimann and Bowyer to catch Busch.

    Lap 312: Dale Jr. is dropping - he lost seventh to Matt Kenseth and eighth to Kasey Kahne in the last two laps.

    Radio chatter on Lap 308: JPM "I have no forward bite"

    Lap 301: Carl Edwards has picked up nine spots since the restart.

    Lap 290: Denny Hamlin back on track - 25 laps down. Drive shaft issue is what put Hamlin in the garage.

    Lap 287: Montoya picking up the pace a bit.

    Lee Spencer notes on Lap 285: one thing is for certain -- 48 and 11, the teams with the most bonus points for the Chase, wont add to that tally tonight

    Lap 282: Bowyer testing the low line in Turn 1 and 2 as he tries to pass Reutimann.

    Lap 275: Clint Bowyer is battling David Reutimann hard for second place.

    Lap 269: BIG tire rub on Montoya's car. He is smoking big time.

    RESTART - Lap 268: Kyle Busch leads.

    Lap 267: Need to change the radiator on the 48

    Radio chatter on Lap 266: Juan Pablo is asking if he should come in to have the tire checked. Crew chief Brian Pattie: "Screw that...we're not in the Chase"

    Lap 265: Denny Hamlin feeling a vibration and is going straight into the garage. Parked in front of his transporter.

    Radio chatter on Lap 265: Montoya radioed in about a tire rub after contact with Johnson.

    Radio chatter on Lap 264: JJ: "I left him room, what the hell?"

    CAUTION 6 - Lap 262: Jimmie Johnson wrecked entering Turn 3! Juan Pablo Montoya got into Johnson's right rear and spun him into the wall. Johnson had led 165 laps to this point.

    RESTART - Lap 261: Kyle Busch leads. Johnson, Reutimann, Montoya and Kenseth are your top five. Right before the restart, 99 returns to the pits to tighten lugs...drops to 26th

    Radio Chatter on Lap 259: McGrew chief tells junior: this race will come down to a short run...says they're making double adjustments every time.

    Radio chatter on Lap 257: McGrew chief tells Earnhardt he knows this is the point of the race when you like to argue with me. Junior - "We've been moving forward, but I don't like this at all." Says it feels like it's spinning out

    Lap 255: Leaders in for service during the caution. Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson come out 1-2.

    Radio chatter on Lap 254: Dale Jr. -  "I'm doing what I can with this piece of (crap)" Lance: That's was the same adjustment we did last night.

    CAUTION 5 - Lap 252: Bobby Labonte has a right front flat tire.

    HALFWAY - Lap 250: Kyle Busch leads. Johnson, Reutimann, Edwards and Montoya are your top five.

    Lee Spencer notes on Lap 246: At 13th in the point standings, Mark Martin needed a stellar night -- not happening. He's currently 20th. On the other hand, his Chase rival Bowyer just passed the 24 for P 8

    Lee Spencer says on Lap 241: Kyle Busch has extended his lead to 2.5 seconds. The only thing that will stop this rocket ship is someone else's issue

    Lee Spencer reports on Lap 234: Allmendinger is really squirrelly...suffering from earlier accident

    Lap 227: Tony Stewart pits - he'll loose a few more laps now.

    Lap 223: What a reversal of fortunes. Tony Stewart, who ran second for a long time today, just got lapped by Kyle Busch.

    Radio chatter on Lap 222: Spotter Barban finally asks JJ - "How's your car?" Johnson - "Pretty good right now"

    Lap 217: Kyle Busch's lead is 1.357 seconds.

    Lap 214: Tony Stewart smacks the wall but keeps going - still green flag racing.

    Lap 213: Jimmie Johnson passes Reutimann for P2. Johnson still hasnt said anything...all crew chief and spotter

    Lee Spencer says on Lap 208: Remember, Reutimann comes from short track lineage - but does he have the car?

    Radio chatter on Lap 204: Knaus to Johnson - "C'mon bud, go get him"

    Lap 202: David Reutimann is fixed to Kyle Busch's bumper. Reuti wants the lead!

    LEAD CHANGE Lap 200: THREE-WIDE FOR THE LEAD! Kyle Busch takes the top spot, Reutimann up to P2.

    RESTART - Lap 199: Jimmie Johnson leads. Kyle Busch, Reutimann.

    Radio chatter on Lap 197: Spotter Eddie D'hondt tells Kyle Busch he did a real good job carving through traffic.

    Lap 194: Leaders pit. Jimmie Johnson wins the race off pit road! Kyle Busch second, Reutimann third. Having the No. 1 pit stall after winning the pole is paying off for Johnson.

    Radio chatter on Lap 193: Dale Earnhardt Jr. said the car runs straight through the center and the exit...the right rear is chattering

    CAUTION 4 - Lap 192: Scott Speed in the wall. Right front tire went down.

    Lap 183: Kyle Busch is up front, but he can't shake Jimmie Johnson as the two battle lap-down traffic.

    Lee Spencer notes on Lap 176: For all of Junior's complaining, he's currently 10th

    LEAD CHANGE - Lap 172: Jimmie Johnson gets slowed by lap-down traffic, Kyle Busch takes advantage and uses a power move to take the lead!

    Lee Spencer notes on Lap 163: Juan Pablo Montoya is running the low line with ease..Has passed two champs -- Jeff Gordon and Matt Kenseth in the last 10 laps and is up to seventh.

    Lap 156: Juan Pablo Montoya, Jeff Gordon battling side-by-side for eighth - some contact between them.

    Lap 150: Seeing lots of three-wide racing tonight.

    Lap 146: Kyle Busch trying to communicate with team on Channel 2 of his radio...but it's apparently not working. Been very quiet for most of the night.

    Lee Spencer says on Lap 143: Jimmie Johnson predicted he take the highline on restarts and it's worked out beautifully for him tonight.

    Lap 141: Jimmie Johnson pulls up front, but Kyle Busch is not letting him go.

    RESTART - Lap 140: Jimmie Johnson continues to lead. Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, David Reutimann and Martin Truex Jr. are your top five.

    Lap 137: A few cars pit during this caution. Crew chief Darian Grubb tells the crew to keep working on the 14 -- make sure all the crush panel stuff is clear

    Radio chatter on Lap 136: Keselowski - "Tighter than hell.  I've got no front end grip -- even worse this run"

    CAUTION 3 - Lap 135: Regan Smith in the Turn 2 wall. Says his right front tire blew

    Lap 132: Kyle Busch moves up to second.

    RESTART - Lap 130: Jimmie Johnson leads.

    Lap 127: Leaders in pits for service. Clint Bowyer (running P11) gets a penalty for being too fast exiting pit road.

    Radio chatter on Lap 126: Dale Jr. - "Too tight -- center off, wouldn't turn. Forwards bite went away. I cant run -- except up high. The right tire is not hooked up. I get up high and just start sliding;"

    CAUTION 2 - Lap 125: David Ragan and Regan Smith both spin out. Tony Stewart has a lot of damage on the rear of his car, AJ Allmendinger has some too.

    Radio chatter on Lap 120: Kevin Harvick is dropping. "We need to leave this car on jackstands until next May." Said the team never found the set up. the Points leader is currently P22.

    Lap 102: Kyle Busch is battling David Reutimann hard for fifth.  Busch tried the inside line earlier, now he's using the high line.

    Lap 96: Tony Stewart gaining on race leader Jimmie Johnson - lead down to 0.345 seconds.

    Lap 95: Kyle Busch passes Juan Pablo Montoya for sixth - Busch is charging!

    Radio chatter on Lap 85: Denny Hamlin's spotter warns him "your brakes are really hot"

    Radio chatter on Lap 81: Spotter Mike Dillon tells Bowyer he's running better on the bottom groove

    Radio chatter on Lap 70: Jeff Burton reports he can't turn his car, Says he's having problems with the splitter.

    Lee Spencer reports on Lap 67: One tire specialist said the tires are inconsistent because they did not have time to cure - the rubber is too fresh.

    LEAD CHANGE - Lap 63: Johnson gets the lead back.

    LEAD CHANGE - Lap 62: Stewart edges Johnson at the line

    GREEN FLAG - Lap 61: Jimmie Johnson in the lead.

    Radio chatter: Jeff Gordon: Until we get in front of the 83 we're (screwed). The problem is getting into one. I can not carry any speed into 1

    Lap 60: Travis Kvapil is the lucky dog recipient and will get back on the lead lap.

    Lap 57: Leaders come into the pits for service. Race off pit road - Johnson, Stewart, Edwards, Newman and Reutimann. Bowyer, who is 12th in points entering tonight, took two tires and jumped 12 spots to seventh.

    CAUTION 1 - Lap 55: David Gilliland hits the wall in Turn 4 to bring out the yellow.

    Lee Spencer says on Lap 54: My bet for the first wreck of the night? Kevin Conway. He can run but he can't hide -- or race

    Radio chatter on Lap 51: Jimmie Johnson's spotter Earl Barban: "One at a time, second-place is about eight back."

    Lap 50: Jimmie Johnson has led every lap so far. Stewart, Edwards, Newman and Montoya round out the top five.

    Lee Spencer reports on Lap 48: Greg Biffle has not been a fan of this tire since the weekend started. He qualified 21st and has dropped to P24. He is close enough to the bubble that he needs a good run tonight. Finished 4th in last two Bristol races

    Lee Spencer says on Lap 40: Telling that Carl Edwards, currently P3, chose "Why Can't We Be Friends?" for his introductory song. Was pleased that people saw he's not the only driver feuding with Keselowski?

    Lee Spencer says on Lap 36: Keselowski is keeping a close distance in Kyle Busch's rear-view mirror...hands tied due to probation?

    Lap 35: Two cars already off track - Michael McDowell and Robby Gordon.

    Lee Spencer says on Lap 30: Dale Earnhardt Jr. has picked up on position in the first 29 laps, currently P26.

    Lee Spencer notes on Lap 27: Former Bristol winner Elliott Sadler is currently 40th, one lap down

    Radio chatter on Lap 24: Tony Stewart is reporting tight in the center, loose off. Currently P2

    Lap 22: Keselowski made a dramatic move splitting Conway (lap down) and Marcos Ambrose

    Lee Spencer says on Lap 21: David Reutimann is maintaining 5th-place. After stomach issues on Friday, he re-hydrated and felt better before the race

    Lap 20: Jimmie Johnson's lead after 20 of 500 laps is 0.318 seconds over second-place Tony Stewart.

    Lap 12: Jimmie Johnson begins lapping cars - first up is rookie Kevin Conway.

    Lap 11: Kasey Kahne breaks into the Top 10 by passing Martin Truex Jr.

    Lap 9: Kyle Busch passes Keselowski with no problem for 20th place.

    Lap 6: Uh oh - Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch are racing each other on the track.

    Lap 5: Lee Spencer reports that Mark Martin is off the pace.

    Radio chatter: Get your hot rod ready -- says Tony Stewart's crew chief Darian Grubb

    Lap 1: Jimmie Johnson jumps up to the point and pulls away slightly.

    GREEN FLAG - Jimmie Johnson leads the field to the green

    Lee Spencer says: Greg Biffle reports a lot of rubbers falling out of peoples springs during the warmup laps.

    7:41 p.m. ET: "Drivers, start your engines!"

    7:35 p.m. ET: Prerace festivities are complete - it's almost time for those magical words.

    7:30 p.m. ET: Following a feisty driver introduction, the remainder of the prerace festivities are underway - including the singing of the national anthem by the children of NASCAR drivers and team members.

    Tonight could be a big night for Kyle Busch one way or the other. If he can stay away from his rivals and pull off a win - he would complete an amazing triple play - he won Wednesday's Camping World Truck Series race and Friday night's Nationwide Series event (where he made friends with Keselowski).

    Lee Spencer says: More from driver introductions: AJ Allmendinger says he wants to be ahead of Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski when it happens, while Tony Stewart says he'd like to be up close to see it happen.

    Tempers are already flaring up here at Bristol. During the intros, drivers were allowed to address fans - and Brad Keselowski took advantage by telling everybody "Kyle Busch is an a@#." We are in for a fun night tonight - stay logged on!

    The action tonight is set to get underway shortly after 7:42 p.m. ET.

    What can we expect tonight? Check out the highlights from Friday night's Nationwide Series race to get a taste of what's to come.

    Welcome to's coverage of the night race everybody's been waiting for - the Irwin Tools Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway.


    CAUTION 6 - Lap 262: Jimmie Johnson wrecked entering Turn 3! Juan Pablo Montoya got into Johnson's right rear and spun him into the wall. Johnson had led 165 laps to this point.

    CAUTION 5 - Lap 252: Bobby Labonte has a right front flat tire.

    CAUTION 4 - Lap 192: Scott Speed in the wall. Right front tire went down.

    CAUTION 3 - Lap 135: Regan Smith in the Turn 2 wall. Says his right front tire blew

    CAUTION 2 - Lap 125: David Ragan and Regan Smith both spin out. Tony Stewart has a lot of damage on the rear of his car, AJ Allmendinger has some too.

    CAUTION 1 - Lap 55: David Gilliland hits the wall in Turn 4 to bring out the yellow.


    Landon Cassill

    Bobby Labonte - accident

    Casey Mears

    Todd Bodine

    Robby Gordon

    Scott Rigs

    Michael McDowell


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