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The Killing Pool

The Killing Pool

The Killing Pool was a tragic, yet humorous, "who done it" played out in classic Days style. This story took so many twists and turns, even the most stalwart Days watcher was bound to get confused! This plot began with the evil Stefano DiMera disguising himself as Elvis to woo Susan Banks. Susan closely resembled Stefano's foster daughter, Kristen Blake. Kristen had miscarried her child by John Black, but covered it up. They planned on passing off Susan's daughter as Kristen's with John. When this dastardly plan was blown open, Kristen was left holding the bag. Lonely and delusional, Kristen began plotting ways to regain her "son" and reunite with John.

Susan and her son, Elvis, left Salem behind and moved to England where she met and fell in love with Edmund Crumb. Kristen discovered their whereabouts and took the first steps in her plan: kidnapping Sister Mary Moira. Kristen locked her in a secret room at the Blake House. She phoned Susan and threatened that if she didn't return to Salem with Elvis, she'd never see Sister Mary again. (This was not the first mysterious phone call that Susan received that night.) Susan returned to Salem and met with Kristen at Blake House. Kristen had been drinking and taking Laura Horton's Placedin. Susan insisted that Sister Mary be released and attacked Kristen with a letter opener. Unbeknownst to Susan, Kristen had drugged her soft drink.

Kristen's body was found floating in the pool and, try as they might, John and Marlena were unable to revive her. The letter opener was discovered with Susan's fingerprints, but she denied hurting Kristen. Meanwhile, Laura is questioned about her whereabouts during the funeral and Celeste wakes up to find herself in a snowbank bleeding. Laura admits going to the Blake House and seeing Kristen by the pool while Celeste continues to have visions of terrible things happening.

The viewers were let in on a little secret when Susan removed her glasses and false teeth to reveal... Kristen! She'd been faking it the entire time! The real Susan was alive and well and being held captive by the Turban Man. Kristen revealed herself to Stefano. Meanwhile, the evidence was mounting against Laura. It didn't help matters when she admitted to shooting at Kristen. Celeste was beginning to wonder if Kristen was posing as Susan, but Stefano prevented her from confronting Kristen when he cured her of the jungle fever.

Susan began to have flashbacks while still in captivity. She remembered getting a mysterious phone call and a woman wearing a yellow dress knocking at her door. The woman's name was Penelope and she looked exactly like Kristen. Penelope revealed her self to be Susan's sister. Apparently, their mother was unable to take care of all four children and had given them up for adoption. Together they concocted a plan to return to Salem and confront Kristen.

Celeste finally began to regain her memory from that night and told Stefano the details of what happened at Blake House. She had witnessed Laura's shooting spree and had been nicked by one of the bullets. Kristen was drunk, but unharmed. Celeste further recalled a pair of gloved hands holding Kristen's head under the water. They raced to the courtroom to clear Laura.

Kristen received the shock of her life when Edmund admitted that he had accidentally drowned Kristen. Susan continued to have flashbacks. She recalled being on the plane with Penelope and watching her take Placedin with liquor to help calm her nerves over flying. Susan managed to escape from the Sultan and convinced Violet (Edmund's mother) that she was the real Susan. Ultimately, Edmund and Susan were reunited and it was revealed that he'd actually killed Penelope.

Susan forgave Edmund and together they plotted their revenge. Susan disguised her voice as Kristen and phoned Stefano. She led him to believe that she and Elvis had separated from Edmund and were doing just fine. They even went so far as to send him a picture of "Kristen" and Elvis by the beach to keep Stefano off track. Edmund and Susan turned Kristen over to the Turban Man before they returned to England to live happily ever after. Kristen was last seen screaming her head off in the sultan's dungeon after receiving the news that John and Marlena were together.;-)