The Torrent Entertainment Network has closed

We created TEN to empower content creators and viewers like you to discover a new kind of video experience. However, as we sharpen our focus we have decided to invest more in content delivery technology rather than content merchandising. As a result we have taken the difficult decision to shut down TEN.

We appreciate the millions of global users who supported TEN and look forward to continuing to serve you with innovative content delivery technology.

— The TEN Team

P.S. For everything else BitTorrent, visit the links below:
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TEN Closing FAQ

Why did BitTorrent shut down its Torrent Entertainment Network?

BitTorrent is scaling back on some of its activities - specifically the Torrent Entertainment Network - to spend more time focusing on areas of strength like consumer clients, embedded technology and content delivery for enterprises.

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What happened to my account information?

Your account will be inaccessible for now while we are transitioning our services. We will notify you via email when your account becomes live again.

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Is my credit card number secure? What about my personal information?

Your credit card number is perfectly secure. The Torrent Entertainment Network always used a secure third party for all activities relating to processing of credit card transactions (CyberSource - see Any credit card details you submitted while purchasing content from the Torrent Entertainment Network were securely handled by CyberSource - BitTorrent, Inc. never had direct access to your credit card details. CyberSource is a leading provider of electronic payment and risk management solutions and is publicly traded (see NASDAQ: CYBS). Any other personal information you shared with BitTorrent is also perfectly secure and we will obviously continue to honor our privacy policy.

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What happened to the movie I rented within the last 30 days?

Any content previously rented and authorized can still be viewed on the terms under which it was rented. There should be no impact on things you have bought in the past.

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What’s going to happen to the movie I bought on BitTorrent? Will I still be able to watch it whenever I want?

You can still view your movie. Any content previously purchased and authorized can still be viewed on the terms under which it was purchased. There should be no impact on things you have bought in the past.

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How can I get a refund for any content I purchased from your site recently?

As always, we process requests for refunds on a case-by-case basis. Please send an email to with the words "refund request" in the subject line.

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How and where can I get game patches for any of the games I bought through the BitTorrent store?

All patches for software or games acquired through the Torrent Entertainment Network are handled by the software/game distributor, not by BitTorrent. The closure of the Torrent Entertainment Network will not affect your ability to get patches or updates to your software.

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Should I delete my BitTorrent client on my computer? What now?

No you do not need to delete or uninstall your BitTorrent client. The BitTorrent client you may have installed is one of the world's most popular pieces of downloaded free software. You are welcome (and encouraged) to keep using it. The closure of the Torrent Entertainment Network will have no impact on the functioning of your BitTorrent client.

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If I still have content I purchased from BitTorrent on my system, will I still be seeding it to other peers?

You may still be "seeding" content to other BitTorrent users if you have downloaded content with your BitTorrent client in the past, the piece of content is still visible in the client's torrents window AND your BitTorrent client is active. If you wish to stop this, simply highlight the torrent and click on the "remove" button.

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Is BitTorrent shutting down completely?

No - BitTorrent remains strong and is continuing to innovate in technologies that are used by millions of people around the world. The closure of the Torrent Entertainment Network is part of a natural evolution in our business - we tried something and it didn't work out.

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