• Published 00:00 10.06.07
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Palestinian gunmen target Haniyeh's home in Gaza

Fatah, Hamas activists pushed off buildings; Fatah gunmen kill Hamas preacher; 36 wounded in clashes.

By Associated Press

Rival Palestinian forces clashed in Gaza, with two militants thrown out of high-rise buildings and killed, and gunmen opened fire early Monday in the house of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas.

There were no immediate reports of casualties in the attack on Haniyeh's house in the Shati refugee camp next to Gaza City. It was the first time in a month of infighting that Haniyeh was an apparent target, underlining an escalation in tactics by the warring sides.

In an especially grisly incident Sunday, Hamas militants kidnapped an officer in a Fatah-linked security force, took him to the roof of a 15-story apartment building and threw him off. Mohammed Sweirki, 25, from the gfuard of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah, was killed in the plunge.

That set off skirmishes through the city, including gun battles and shelling. Fatah militants surrounded the house of a Hamas mosque preacher, fired rocket-propelled grenades at the four-story building and then entered, firing at the preacher, Mohammed al-Rifati, 40, and taking him away. Later, his body was brought to a hospital. Hamas pledged revenge.

And just before midnight, a Hamas activist was thrown off the 12th floor of a building and killed, security officials said. Four other Hamas men in the building were shot and wounded, bringing the day's toll to three dead and 36 wounded, medical officials said.

Palestinian TV reported that Haniyeh called on gunmen to pull back from streets and rooftops to allow about 24,000 Gaza high school students to start their final exams on Monday.

Israeli forces entered southern Gaza late Sunday, witnesses said. The military said it was a routine, small-scale operation aimed at demonstrating a presence and deterring rocket fire.

A truce declared two weeks ago was meant to end the clashes, but last week the fighting reignited around the southern Gaza city of Rafah. Five militants have been killed in fighting since Thursday. The latest was the Fatah officer pushed off a roof in Gaza city on Sunday. Also, a Hamas militant wounded Friday died on Sunday.

On Sunday, three houses in Rafah were destroyed, and Hamas militants remained on rooftops. Later Sunday the fighting stopped, shops opened and people were out in the streets.

Fighting had stopped for several days as Israeli-Palestinian clashes resumed.

On Sunday, Israeli political and military leaders pledged to keep up the pressure on Gaza after a cross-border raid by Palestinian militants, a failed attempt to capture an Israel Defense Forces soldier.

Israel responded with a flurry of airstrikes, and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told his Cabinet there was more to come. "I said a week ago that our operations in Gaza will continue as long as it takes to block the terrorists attempts to infiltrate and the Qassam rockets," he said.

IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, favors more intensive military activity in Gaza, but stopping short of a full-scale invasion, defense officials said Sunday. They were speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

The Saturday cross-border raid was another step up the ladder of the conflict. Four Islamic Jihad gunmen breached the heavily fortified Gaza-Israel border and entered an empty army base, looking for soldiers to abduct. Israeli forces encountered them, killing one. The other three escaped back to Gaza.

Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, a violent offshoot of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement, claimed responsibility.

Abu Ahmed, a spokesman for Islamic Jihad, said the raiders meant to snatch a soldier but the attempt was foiled by Israeli helicopter gunships called in as reinforcements.

The raiders used a vehicle marked with TV signs, drawing criticism from both Israeli and Palestinian journalists.

The IDF struck back early Sunday, firing missiles at a building used by Islamic Jihad officials and an arms workshop run by Fatah fighters, it said.

The Palestinian cross-border raid came two weeks short of a year since the last one, when Hamas-linked gunmen tunneled under the border and attacked an Israeli army base from the rear, killing two soldiers and capturing Corporal Gilad Shalit.

Palestinians walking over the rubble of houses destroyed during clashes between Hamas and Fatah gunmen at Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip on Sunday. (AP)

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  • 53. 0 0
    21. "who knew ?"
    • JB
    • 11.06.07
    • 18:01

    I'm sure it was the Israelis that built the 15 story building.

  • 52. 0 0
    Larry #32
    • JJ
    • 11.06.07
    • 17:10

    Israel will reap what it has sown during 60 years, and it will be plentiful. Is that good enough for you?

  • 51. 0 0
    do palestinians deserve a state?
    • maria
    • 11.06.07
    • 06:02

    first of all[discipline among themselves] before they get what they want[a state of their own].

  • 50. 0 0
    Fatah and Hamas truce means nothing...
    • Willy
    • 11.06.07
    • 05:58

    How many truce have Fatah and Hamas made ever since they form the unity government? Can they ever sit together in the same table to have a "cup of tea" and talk like civilised people? No doubt the ordinary pals will continue to suffer with these bunch of gansters running their affair. Too bad the pals will continue to livc on handouts like beggars without vision and direction and peace in the near future will only come in your dream.

  • 49. 0 0
    it's israel's fault .....
    • maria
    • 11.06.07
    • 05:56

    as usual.arabs and palestinians are peaceful people according to maureen,indrajaya,ballistic,lakhsimi,natalie, hannah,dana,bernie,etc.but according to the Word of God-ishmael[the arabs' father was a wild man-like father like son].

  • 48. 0 0
    #22, jeff, pals are total failure, even in civil war
    • vladimir
    • 11.06.07
    • 05:49

    you are right, born losers.

  • 47. 0 0
    #17, bravo leon.
    • vladimir
    • 11.06.07
    • 05:47

  • 46. 0 0
    • Lynn
    • 11.06.07
    • 05:44

    al Qaeda has declared holy war on India. We'll see how you feel when all hell breaks loose in your country. :)

  • 45. 0 0
    Dutchland is welcomed to prove its aspiration
    • Joseph E .
    • 11.06.07
    • 05:41

    of a larger role in this mideast mess by first daring to resolve arabs eternal infightings rather than to brandish Humans right and Int'l laws or ignore arabs infightings just so to recognize arabs terror groups in order to mutilate Israel borders , Capital and melting Israel citizenry into Arabs masses ect... So much for Dutchland Humans rights and Int'l laws , Dutchland better stay away unless it want to be portrayed as a western jihadist state at UBL service or Iran coercion ,

  • 44. 0 0
    • Murray of Montreal
    • 11.06.07
    • 05:33

    'Our' terrorists did better than Hamas today!

  • 43. 0 0
    What joy the Pals are giving their worst enemies
    • newageblues
    • 11.06.07
    • 05:19

    Whatever can be said about the background to this fighting, in terms of the Israel and US role, the chief responsibility surely belongs to those committing this insane fraticide

  • 42. 0 0
    ...to Jeff,...it is not civil war. just training...
    • UGY the she camel
    • 11.06.07
    • 04:23

    pd: my owner masked and playing carnaval pd:love

  • 41. 0 0
    Tossed off a roof to his death
    • Gina
    • 11.06.07
    • 04:20

    The persons who pushed a live human being off the roof to fall to his death will not be charged with a crime by the Hamas led Palestinian government. Hamas teaches and preaches that murder is moral behaviour in obtaining goals. What were the last thoughts of the Hamas preacher who was murdered? "Well done"?

  • 40. 0 0
    • Lynn
    • 11.06.07
    • 04:15

    Israelis on gaza roofs? LMAO!!!

  • 39. 0 0
    Typical, just look Beirut, Amman same thing.
    • GSP
    • 11.06.07
    • 04:14

    Beirut, Amman same thing. Instead of setting up civil society in Gaza, as a model of future Palestinian state. They would rather kill each other. Brother on Brother, no mercy. If you carefully look back at Palestinian history, you will see exactly same pattern in Beirut and Amman. Violence is the Rule of LAW in Gaze. Civil War is soon to come. When will you stop the killing? You can’t blame Israel for this one. The World is Watching!!!!

  • 38. 0 0
    Blame the kids
    • Stosh
    • 11.06.07
    • 04:09

    Just like a bunch of high school kids not wanting to take there final exams.

  • 37. 0 0
    • Lynn
    • 11.06.07
    • 04:06


  • 36. 0 0
    ...advice to Hamas,please use parachutes,ambrellas aren't usefull
    • The 72...
    • 11.06.07
    • 04:00

    pd:Mohammed Sweirki now enjoying but all scattered.

  • 35. 0 0
    #28, lakshmi
    • Cipora Julianna Kohn
    • 11.06.07
    • 03:36

    Just how do you see Israelis entering Gaza during the night? Are you psychic?

  • 34. 0 0
    The poison of Terror affects the giver
    • etanrosen
    • 11.06.07
    • 03:32

    When the pals chose terror as their way of fighting israel, they didnt realize that they would become monsters as well unto themselves. See what you have all become.

  • 33. 0 0
    #22: Yes, it's all a Zionist plot.
    • Marcell
    • 11.06.07
    • 03:25

    The Palestinians couldn't possibly be involved in infighting.

  • 32. 0 0
    Lets see..........
    • Larry
    • 11.06.07
    • 03:14

    One can only wonder......Returned Gaza to Palestinians....watched them destroy millions of dollars in infrastructure left intact for their benefit. Hamas and Fatah both "representatives" of the Palestinian people, elected by the people, past and present. Have they managed to work together to help their people?? Of course!! Lets launch missiles, lets launch mortars, lets do cross border attacks provoking a massive Israeli response. Now lets forget about Israelis, lets go after each other and murder like renegades roaming the streets. Feel safe yet?? Thats Hamas for you. Operated from Damascus, funded by Damascus and Tehran. Lets sit down and negotiate with these wonderful people!! Lets make a deal, sign it at the photo op. But lets ask...Who is in charge?? Who is the guarantor of peace?? Will these thugs go away when Israel hands back the territories, or will there be a transition from terror from occupied territories to terror from a "neighbouring state". Peace oh Wonderful Peace.

  • 31. 0 0
    I see israel's hand behind the civil war,because you can see them
    • lakshmi
    • 11.06.07
    • 03:02

    entering Gaza stealthily by night,bit by bit.They are probably in for a surprise though.

  • 30. 0 0
    A State Of Savages
    • Yoram
    • 11.06.07
    • 03:02

    As they kill each other as happily as they do Jews the Palestinians embarass even their strongest supporters and show how after Oslo "peace for land" is a big lie. In every thing they do they set themselves back as a nation and people good 20 years or so. Who under these facts see them as other than a un-trustable state of savages?

  • 29. 0 0
    Richard #16
    • JJ
    • 11.06.07
    • 03:00

    You mean IDF under covers?

  • 28. 0 0
    Kulukundis #15
    • JJ
    • 11.06.07
    • 03:00

    Of course Israel is responsible.

  • 27. 0 0
    ... killed in the plunge ...
    • Fish
    • 11.06.07
    • 02:48

    Can't blame them here. The Hamas gentlemen were tesiting whether the most recent fatwa against gravity has taken hold in Gaza. Evidently it hasn't yet.

  • 26. 0 0
    Where are the usual Jew/israel hating Haaretz TROLLS??
    • Dr. Dave
    • 11.06.07
    • 02:40

    They are usually out here fielding fictitious girl next door names condemning Israel and calling Zionists Nazis. Where are the Anarchists now??? Co'mon kidz ... you lost your tongues? Wonder what your Saint Corrie would think of her Palestinian wranglers now.

  • 25. 0 0
    Another Typical Palestinian Failure
    • Jeff Northridge
    • 11.06.07
    • 02:36

    Come on Hamas and Fatah, get with the program. Only six people killed, 59 wounded, and a couple of houses destroyed in two days? I'm sure that the Gazans can do better than that. Self-destruction and the cult of martyrdom expect a much higher score than that. If you don't start knocking each other off faster than you can breed, then you're not really trying. Do the Palestinians have to fail at everything--even civil war?

  • 24. 0 0
    Pass the popcorn!
    • DT
    • 11.06.07
    • 02:33

    Oh, goodie, the sequel is here already (or is this the third or fourth installment? I lose track!)! Just in time for the summer blockbuster season!

  • 23. 0 0
    perhaps they were also "night hunters"
    • Richard S
    • 11.06.07
    • 02:05

    and the Gaza follies continue

  • 22. 0 0
    tragedy in Gaza
    • Leon Rosgarten
    • 11.06.07
    • 00:12

    I am heart-broken to read this: "In Rafah earlier, hundreds of rival gunmen took up positions on street corners and rooftops, pounding each other's positions with rocket-propelled grenades and machineguns." Imagine all these brave fighters could stand on zionists street corners and rooftops, and do a tremendous service to the cause of the revolution. Instead, by racist apartheid policies of the zionist regime are forcing them to do the good work in their own streets, which are already clean of jews. What a huge loss and waste of revolutionary energies. The zionist entity must accept its full responsibility for this tragedy, just as for the Naqba. Until then, we, progressive British academics will maintain our full boycott of this unlawful, agressive and inhuman entity.

  • 21. 0 0
    who knew?
    • michael
    • 11.06.07
    • 00:02

    that the palestinians could even build a 15 story building?!

  • 20. 0 0
    A thoroughly despicable act
    • Conroy
    • 10.06.07
    • 23:44

    "A security officer belonging to the Palestinian Fatah faction was pushed off the roof of a 15-story building to his death in Gaza City" Thoroughly despicable. These people are monsters.

  • 19. 0 0
    Were is TUTU,Poor Arabs are being murdered
    • TOMY
    • 10.06.07
    • 23:42

    But maybe , they were just inocent hunters. Factfinding is in order, do you hear, TUTU???

  • 18. 0 0
    pushed off roof....
    • ljf-canada
    • 10.06.07
    • 23:32

    where, oh where is the bbc, cnn, piece now, human right activists,now? how about charging haniyeh and co. with war crimes? those slime of this earth! they can't wait to show an arab kid in their arms, smeared with catchup to show israeli "war crimes" commited! what garbage those "liberals" are. feel like puking (on them)

  • 17. 0 0
    Pushed off a roof to his death
    • Gina
    • 10.06.07
    • 23:31

    The persons who pushed a live human being off the roof to fall to his death will not be charged with a crime by the Hamas led Palestinian government. Hamas teaches and preaches that murder is moral behaviour in obtaining goals. What were the last thoughts of the Hamas preacher who was murdered? "Well done"?

  • 16. 0 0
    • paul harris
    • 10.06.07
    • 23:29


  • 15. 0 0
    Oh why Oh why ?
    • Kulukundis
    • 10.06.07
    • 22:44

    Ask Gideon Levy and he will tell you that all these people are law abiding citizens and if they are fighting and killing each other, then according to Levy Israel must be responsible for all this.

  • 14. 0 0
    Where is Gideon Levy and Amira Hass
    • Ken Jurist
    • 10.06.07
    • 22:14

    616 Palestinians have killed each other since January 06. Yet Gideon Levy and Amira Hass dont seem bothered by this. Yet if one Palestinian is killed by Israel. These 2 radicals go bezerk?

  • 13. 0 0
    • Commmonsense
    • 10.06.07
    • 22:03

    What else Palestinians can do. They need to fight to collect moneyto buy arms. The leaders are par time arm dealers. Good Luck to them.

  • 12. 0 0
    It seems like new aggression is to be expected from Gaza
    • Shlomo from Tel Aviv
    • 10.06.07
    • 22:00

    The Palestinian mass murderers now murder each other and it's unpopular in the Palestinian society. It seems like new terrorist aggression against Israel is at the door. In the last round, the gangsters launched Qassams, this time they tried to kidnap a soldier. They cannot commit suicide mass murder due to the fence, so, they are looking for any other way to attack, because this is popular among the population, brainwashed by 13 years of racist incitement and because they want Israel to intervene in Gaza, so that the mass murderous private armies would unite against Israel. In the Palestinian society, politics is mass murder and mass murder is politics. This fascist formation, PA, should be dismantled and military occupation reinstalled.

  • 11. 0 0
    • Michelle
    • 10.06.07
    • 21:59

    to take global focus off their barbarism they'll probably be launching more qassams on sderot again...or another kissufim-style attack or worse.

  • 10. 0 0
    ...to Hamas and Fatah fighters, go ahead! you always are welcome
    • The 72...
    • 10.06.07
    • 21:34

    ...it is better you fight heach other...at list you don't came here all scattered. Advice:these week funny surprice,be Happy! Last New: Fatah security officer now enjoying

  • 9. 0 0
    • mustafa t'lass
    • 10.06.07
    • 21:11

    why you have forget to trigger the parachute,? in'h'al shetan§!

  • 8. 0 0
    So they just shelled his house!
    • martyrmaker
    • 10.06.07
    • 21:08

    "Fatah gunmen killed a Hamas mosque preacher after shelling his house in Gaza City." Not that I'm sorry there's one less Hamas hate-preacher, but I thought only the evil IDF did such barbarous things as shelling civilian homes..

  • 7. 0 0
  • 6. 0 0
    WHERE ARE . . .
    • Concerned Zionist
    • 10.06.07
    • 20:47

    The UN Security Council, the EU, Amnesty International, B'Tselem, the Arab League, the British Academics Union, the UN Human Rights Commission, the Arab-American Discrimination Committee, and CAIR, among others, condemning the senseless killing of innocents, calling for a cease-fire, insisting upon restraint. The silence is deafening. The hypocrisy is manifest.

  • 5. 0 0
    And this is how they train their children
    • Jon
    • 10.06.07
    • 20:36

    A new generation has been created. Violent and animalistic, the stuff seen in the very movies that Hamas would ban. 5 year old children holding up machine guns, spewing their hatred towards Israelis, and now they have turned on themselves. They belong in the cage Gaza. If they would get out, they would destroy civilization.

  • 4. 0 0
    • amir
    • 10.06.07
    • 20:10

    What...? I thought the BBC and NY Times & CNN & The Economist & The Guardian told us the Palestinians are poor little innocent flowers just trying to survive and make peace with their "Israeli evil aggressors".....?

  • 3. 0 0
    lucky these guys are shepards scrap iron scavangers famers just
    • ralph
    • 10.06.07
    • 19:59

    imagine if they were real fighters. the carnage which would ensue!

  • 2. 0 0
    Dont' worry,Olmert will rescue you
    • Marcel
    • 10.06.07
    • 19:47

    The pathetic moron Puppet nut MJinister of Israel will send you more weapons and ammunition for the peace process we see unfolding. Of course these same weapons are used by the peace loving moslems to kill innocent Jews. But Olmert does not care about these samll things only in being a good puppet and lap dog to the emperor and his Road Map to hell.

  • 1. 0 0