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Brighton's Decision Pending statue is being relocated. (Credit:

Brighton Relocating 'Decision Pending' Statue

Updated: Monday, 23 Aug 2010, 7:35 PM EDT
Published : Monday, 23 Aug 2010, 7:35 PM EDT


BRIGHTON, Mich. - Just like the Spirit of Detroit wearing Red Wings attire, there's a statue in downtown Brighton that gets a lot of attention. He's been dressed up, vandalized, argued over and now comes a new decision regarding his fate.

The sculpture's name is "Decision Pending", but already decided is that he's being moved.

"The council wants him a little bit further away from the War Memorial," said Matt Modrack with the city of Brighton.

The nude, male figure stands right in the heart of Brighton and goes by various nicknames.

"'Ugly, naked guy' he was dubbed that by a local columnist," Modrack said.

"The 'Elephant Man' because that kind of what he appears to be," said Brian, whose office is right across the street.

"I've seen him with everything from military garb to hula skirts to every time there's a festival down here, he has the garb of the festival on him," Brian said.

Kids and families seem to be able to function normally within the statue's vicinity. One local mother with her daughter told us she does not find the statue objectionable.

"It's art, so I would like her to learn as much as she can," she said.

We also had no problem finding fans of this accidental town mascot.

"I think it's quite artistic, actually," one person told us.

"I think they should leave the statue where it is. It's doing no harm," another said.

However, the question now is where to put him.

"No matter where you put it, someone's going to object to it. Art's art. Not everybody likes it," said one man.


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