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Clip Resources

This page contains resources relating to NoteTab's Clip language and libraries. Most are created by NoteTab users, and are listed under the following categories:

Clipbook libraries

NoteTab comes with several clipbook libraries pre-installed, all of which are created by Fookes Software. This section serves as a repositary for libraries created by NoteTab users, which have been grouped under the categories listed below. Note that this repositary is no longer being updated, and has not been since 2003. More recent clip libraries and resources can be found in the Files area of the Clips Forum at

The user-created libraries are provided "AS IS" without any warranty of any kind. Fookes Software cannot be held responsible for their content and performance.

Since version 4.8, NoteTab Light supports the full set of Clip commands and functions. Only Clip commands that control features that don't exist in the free version are not available in NoteTab Light.

Encryption DLL

Some NoteTab Clip commands offer encryption capabilities based on the ARC4 (Alleged RC4) algorithm. In order to avoid export issues with the main NoteTab distribution packages, encryption features are only available when you download and install the NoteTab Encryption DLL, which contains the algorithm. This file is a Fookes Software product and is stored on a server in Switzerland. It is only for use with NoteTab text editors.


The following sounds were submitted by NoteTab users and are for use with certain NoteTab Clips:


User-created help resources for clip programming:

Other Clip resources

External web sites offering useful Clip resources:

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