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Warrior fightability and lethality improvement programme (WFLIP)

Lockheed Martin UK has developed an innovative modern turret for Warrior that combines high performance with low cost and "fast-track" flexibility. The open architecture ensures Warrior can further evolve to meet the rapidly changing challenges of the 21st Century battlefield.

Our field-ready WFLIP turret achieves significant increases in lethality, situational awareness, and crew survivability at an affordable cost.

The turret uses the existing armoured turret shell but upgrades capability through integration of a fully stabilised modern armament and ammunition handling system, qualified munitions, stabilized optics, new electronic architecture, new fire control system, and a new man-machine interface to ensure applicability and suitability for the next 30 years.

Integration of modern appliqué armour provides protection to STANAG level 4 while the 360 degree Local Situation Awareness system offers additional crew security. And the new turret has been designed to meet the specific demands of the commander and gunner. While the turret retains a two-man conventional layout, the new electronic architecture with the supporting controls and displays reduces crew workload and increases the ease of operating the platform and weapon system - all of which contributes to increased performance and effectiveness.

The reuse of major assemblies and components significantly reduces the overall acquisition cost and whole-life cost as compared to a new turret system. Other benefits are compatibility with the Warrior chassis, utilisation of the existing Warrior support arrangements, minimum retraining and, given the maturity of the selected subsystems, low risk with ease of accelerating the ISD. The turret architecture offers a simple fast-track path to future upgrades such as an independent 360 degree commander's sight, and Javelin missile integration.

Warrior is a family of U.K. tracked armoured vehicles. The UK Ministry of Defence has embarked on the Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (CSP) to enable the existing in-service platform life to be extended until 2035. The Warrior FLIP programme will upgrade and improve the Warrior turret in the areas of lethality, situational awareness and crew survivability. The intent is to equip Warrior to deliver the Medium Weight capability within FRES. Technology developed under this programme, particularly in the area of electronic architecture, will be directly applicable to FRES.

Supply Team in Place to Deliver:

  • Turret Upgrade - ABRO

  • Commander and Gunner Sights - Thales

  • Electronic Architecture - SciSys


  • Ammunition Handling System & Cannon Mounting - Rheinmetall Landsysteme

  • Ammunition - RWM Schweiz/ATK/NAMMO

  • Drives - Curtiss Wright

  • Cannon - ATK

  • Rotary Base Junction (RBJ) – Moog


  • Two-man crew

  • In-service MK 44 Cannon

  • Qualified 30 mm x 173 Ammunition (APFSDS-T, ABM, TPFDS-T)

  • Upgraded commander and gunner sights (BGTI+) with full reversionary mode

  • L94 A1 Chain Gun • Enhanced electronic architecture

  • New fire control system

  • Flexible and easy upgrades:
    Independent commander's 360 degree sight -Javelin missile integration -Supershot 40

The combination of an inertially stabilised modern cannon, firing 30 mm x 173 ammunition, inertially stabilised sights, and modern fire control system gives the Warrior crew greatly enhanced lethality and weapons effectiveness against moving and hardened targets in all weather conditions.

Live Fire Video (WMV)




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