Explorers on the Moon Coin Set

The "Explorers on the Moon" 50th anniversary coin sets are now released. They were available for purchase from the Official Tintin store website when I checked this morning, but I can no longer see it there. Sold out, maybe? There are only 10,000 of them anyway.

coin set

I really wanted to get one, but at 65 Euros (+ 22 Euros Shipping charge, which I think is way too much) it was a little too pricey.

The set contains 1 and 2 Eurocent coins from all 12 Euro countries (they are regular coins, no Tintin pictures on them or anything) and one silver medallion with a picture of "Explorers on the Moon" on it.

Still, I was lucky enough to get one of the 75th anniversary 10 Euro Tintin coins when they came out, which I'd much more rather have than this new coinset.

Here's some more information on this new coinset from UCCE. You can also buy it through ebay.

Update: I just found an extremely cool flash thing which lets you take a look at this new coinset in detail. I'm already regretting why I didn't buy it when it was there!!

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