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Creators Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro

by Adam Coozer.

aqua teens

"Superheroes" isn't really the right word to describe this trio of fast-food-(sometimes)crime-fighters-on-welfare. Frylock is a well-intentioned computer nerd, while Meatwad is sort of the opposite: a gullible, somewhat demanding, childish, um..., wad of meat. Master Shake is pretty much just an asshole. But the team has found it's way into our hearts, fifteen minutes at a time. Adam Coozer caught up with the creators of Adult Swim's most popular show.

al: How long have you two been working together?
Since '98?
dw: Yeah, six years.

al: And what do you hate most about each other?
dw: Matt, you go first.
mm: I don't know...
dw: I hate his girlfriend.
mm: I hate his wife. I hate their baby, and they haven't even had it yet.
dw: [laughs]
mm: We get along pretty well. It's unusual.

al: Are you two bonded by anything?
A murder that happened several years ago...
dw: We're not supposed to talk about that!!
mm: We have the teeth...
dw: ...the rest is buried in the desert.

al: Uh..
We might be bonded by our ridiculous sense of humor and by what we think is funny. But probably not. We're probably bonded by our hatred of everyone else. We're bonded in bile.

al: How do you guys write so many episodes in such a short period o