36. Silent Rhapsody – Razan Al-Ali »

A slave in silence
I am all alone
Among those many other human beings
Whose love is sung
Out loud in every tongue
before sunrise


Mosque Programme

Ramadan 1431 »

TARAWIH: From Friday 16th Ramadan, ‘Isha will be prayed at 10.00pm insha’Allah, immediately followed by Tarawih.

On Sundays: At 7.15 pm there is a class on notable figures of the salaf.

On Mondays: At 7.00 pm there is a class on the tafsīr of the short surahs of Qur’ān by Shaykh Ali Laraki.

On Tuesdays: At 7.15 pm there is a class on notable figures of the salaf.

On Wednesays: At 5.00 pm there is a class on Arabic studying the classic work on grammar al-Ājurrūmiyyah led by Hajj Abdassamad Clarke.

On Wednesdays: At 7.15 pm there is a class on notable figures of the salaf.

On Thursdays: At 7.00 pm Shaykh Abdalhaqq teaches from The Ramaḍān Discourses in tafsīr of Sūrat al-An‘ām and Surat al-A‘rāf by Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib, may Allah be merciful to him.

On Fridays: At 7.15 pm recitation of the Friday Ḥizb of the Dalā’il al-Khayrāt.

On Saturdays: At 7.15 pm there is a class on notable figures of the salaf.

Daily: After Ṣubḥ there is a brief class on the the tafsīr of Sūrah Yāsīn led by Hajj Abdassamad Clarke.


The Tip of the Iceberg By Robert Luongo »
Robert Luongo

Robert Luongo

Events took place in Iceland earlier this year that directly put the country‎’s citizenry in direct opposition to their elected officials in regards to the liability incurred for the failure of the Icelandic Bank. In the aftermath, it is most exigent that the story, conspicuously dropped from the designated headlines of what is newsworthy, and therefore presented to the general public, be re-opened. The citizens of that country created a referendum by acquiring the requisite number of signatures, which was then voted upon by them. By an overwhelming majority vote they have prohibited their government to bailout the Icelandic Bank in order to repay the people or associations (many of which were local councils in the UK, such as the Norwich City Council) who had invested large sums in high yield ‘financial products’ on offer at various Icelandic financial institutions.

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CONTRACTS 25/06/2010 » - 12/08/10

Please click below to listen the khutbah by Imam Hanif Whyte entitled “Contracts”.

This khutbah was delivered at the Ihsan Mosque in Norwich on Friday 25th June 2010.



About Fulus – Umar Vadillo »
Umar Vadillo

Umar Vadillo

Fulus is halal. It is known in the Fiqh and in the practice of the first Muslim communities (the Umayyads, who first minted Dinar and Dirham also minted fulus). We know its functions and its limitations in detail.
The name fulus comes from “follis” (plural folles), a coin made of bronze from the Roman and Byzantine tradition. Equally, the Arabic name Dirham comes from the Persian “drachma” (silver coin), and the Dinar from the Latin “denarius” (also a silver coin) although they were initially imitations of the Byzantine solidus which circulated in the Arabian Peninsula. The Roman word “follis” means bag (usually made of leather), which refers to a sealed bag used in antiquity containing a specific amount of coins.