Track Emails in Google Analytics

Identify the Emailing
Use our suggestions or make your own.
Enter a URL
Enter 1 URL of your website.
Place the image in your email.
See the stats in your GoAn account.

Enter identifiers. If you follow our suggestion, each opened email will show as a page view to 'EmailViews/EmailBlast Aug 28, 2010'.
Fake DirectoryFake Pagename

Provide a URL of a page that has your GoAn tracking installed.
Enter real page (page URLs, not just Top Domain)

It's free. Add a pixel into your newsletter and Google Analytics will show you how many emails have been viewed - and when. Yeah, just like that!

How it works:
For every email that is viewed, we will generate a page view using the identifiers you provide as directory and page name. You can change the variables, but don't have to.

Where's the catch?
You tell us. No contact data required. No emails sent to you. No marketing. All is free. Only you can see statistics - hey, it's your Google Analytics account.

How can I set it up?
Smart mind that you are - you have noticed the 3 Step process shown above. Before you get started, make sure you have a website and standard Google Analytics code implemented.