Square Enix isn't sharing too much info on Kingdom Hearts 3D, shown above.

This week's Famitsu has a big interview with Tetsuya Nomura. The Square Enix producer, director, and chief zipper designer shared insights into Square Enix's two new Kingdom Hearts games, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and Kingdom Hearts 3D.

First up, Re: Coded, the DS remake of Kingdom Hearts Coded, which was originally released for iMode cell phones here in Japan.

Coded was originally scheduled to be released for a larger number of cell phones, revealed Nomura to the magazine. However, the number of phones that would work with the game ended up being more limited than expected. Additionally, there were no phones that would work with the game in North America. So, in order to expose the most players to Coded, they decided to bring the game to the most popular system, the DS.

Their decision to bring the game to the DS wasn't limited to just the system's large user base, though. Coded was designed around not having analogue controls, making it match the DS.

DS owners can look forward to, for the most part, the same story as the cellphone version of Coded, although some of the dialogue has been changed around a bit. Nomura feels the Coded story is well done, so they're keeping it basically the same.

The look of the game is changing considerably though, as you might have guessed from the media Square Enix has released. Square Enix was originally thinking about porting the game as is to the DS, revealed Nomura. However, because of resolution issues, they ended up making everything except the event movies completely new. After considering the specialties of the hardware, they made the game parts of the game full 3D. The text-based events are done in 2D. Nomura says these event scenes are being done in similar fashion to It's a Wonderful World, allowing for lots of expressive power despite the use of 2D.

The game's battle system has the concept of Coded + 358/2 Days + Birth By Sleep, combining the special features of all three systems. Nomura believes that with the combination, the battle system has become completely new.

Famitsu asked if the control system is based off 358/2 Days. To this, Nomura responded that with Re:Coded, they're aiming for a game that can be enjoyed by light users. 358/2 Days, in contrast, was meant for core gamers. For Re:Coded, they're keeping the Coded control system as it is and adding auto jump and some other support features.

With regards to gameplay, Nomura also noted that the game's battle system is being tuned by the Birth by Sleep Co Director. The game's maps are being tuned by the Birth by Sleep team as well.

There will be some major changes to the game's level-up system. The game will feature some elements from 358/2 Days. Nomura noted here that the 358/2 Days' system had high level of freedom and was targeted for core users. For Re:Coded, they're simplifying things so that light users can enjoy themselves.

Despite the changes, you'll find most of the elements of Coded in Re:Coded. This includes the side scrolling stages and the RPG-like command battles.

There won't be a multiplayer component to Re: Coded. Instead, Square Enix is working surechigai Wi-Fi features into the game. You'll be able to communicate through surechigai with people who have games other than Re:Coded. It also looks like they've come up with a system for using surechigai even if you're not in the proximity of other players.

The original Coded linked up with avatars from Kingdom Hearts Mobile. These avatars will appear in Re:Coded via the surechigai system. Nomura didn't go into details, but he did say that the game has most of the avatars that are currently available on KHM, including Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning.

Re:Coded will also feature a Secret Movie, which Nomura said is something players have great demand for. He suggested that fans who are interested in the KH story check it out.

Development on Re:Coded is currently at 80% complete. Nomura promised that the wait for the game won't be as long as it was for Birth by Sleep. He said to expect a release date announcement in the not-so-distant future.

Not surprisingly, Nomura wouldn't speak as much about Kingdom Hearts 3D, the new 3DS entry in the series. In fact, all the Famitsu text on on KH3D was posted in advance at Famitsu.com. You can see a translation/summary of the interview here.




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