Naberrie, Ruwee

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    1.73 meters

From the Movies

Ruwee Naberrie instilled in his youngest daughter Padmé the importance of initiative and making a difference. As a young man, he served in the Refugee Relief Movement, an example that Padmé would follow in her youth.

An intellectual, Ruwee taught at the local university, but he was also a strong-shouldered man that worked with his hands. Prior to his role in academia, he was a builder.

Ruwee was concerned with his daughter's role in galactic politics, and kept close contact with Queen Jamillia to find the latest news from Coruscant. Prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars, he was gravely worried about Padmé's safety, and grateful for the protection the Jedi order offered her.

From the Expanded Universe

Generosity and compassion are tenets that have been handed down the Naberrie bloodline for generations. Winama Naberrie taught her children well, and young Ruwee donated his services as a builder in the small mountain village they called home.

Wishing to offer the most opportunity to his children, Ruwee and his wife Jobal moved from the village they helped build to the more cosmopolitan locale of Theed, where he became further involved in local politics and humanitarian efforts. He considered himself blessed for the good fortune and prosperity enjoyed by his family and all the Naboo, and worked hard to alleviate the suffering of the less fortunate.

Behind the Scenes

In Episode II, Ruwee Naberrie was played by actor Graeme Blundell. During shooting in Lake Como, Italy, on location had an opportunity to conduct a brief interview with him.

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