X Factor Fashion: Cheryl Cole goes blonde for new single ’3 Words’


We don’t know how to feel about Cheryl Cole’s new ‘do’ for her latest music video. Cheryl tried the bleached blonde look ’3 words’, the second single from her debut solo album of the same title. The song also features Black Eyed Pea’s Will.I.Am.

The X Factor judge topped off the Lady Gaga hairdo with a strange lace veil and if it doesn’t look great, at least it looks shocking. That alone should guarantee her a few more column inches!

I much prefer her other shots from the video, check out the infinitely more elegant pictures below and make sure you leave your comments on what you think of Cheryl’s new look!

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5 Responses to “X Factor Fashion: Cheryl Cole goes blonde for new single ’3 Words’”

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  2. sarah says:

    Cheryl looks a lot betta wuth brown hair. I didn’t recognise her at first!! Lol

  3. [...] us know below if you loved or hatedCheryl’s hair last night and be sure to check out Cheryl in a blonde wig for her new single ‘3 Words’ [...]

  4. Eilidh says:

    urgh this looks awfull, so glad its not real! Suits her much better dark

  5. philippe says:

    well cher thats got to be the best sound i,v heard for years 3 little words is a great song i just love it…if u were mine u cud trust me for the rest of yr life …but im a 53 yr old man ha ha great song ..x