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Spruce up your office digs.


Perfect officeMany of us have a tendency to downplay interior design. We might think, "Oh- that's something to work on once my business is a huge success."

However, your environment may be impacting you more than you realize.

For example, how much would you love to sit down and work in the space to the right? I think it's pretty dreamy, just based on the clean lines and how everything is within reach, even if it isn't my exact style.

Take a peek at your workspace right now. It's ok, I'll still be here when you get back.

Waiting for you to go look around...

Ok! How did the space make you feel? Was it clean and organized, with all the supplies you need to use easy to find and well laid out? Can you file easily because you know all your folders make sense and are clearly marked?

Or... are there piles and plates everywhere because things have been backing up? Have you started working in other areas of the house than your office because it is too cluttered or not a fun space to be in?

Guess what- this is having an impact on your business.

This week, make a change- or several- that will make you happier, more comfortable, and more inspired in your work space. I painted a wall deep purple- the color of prosperity- and my assistant and I worked together to make the filing system pretty and clear. I'm already inspired to do more work more efficiently.

Let us know what steps you take in your workspace in the comments below. We look forward to hearing about your progress!


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