Autem, Sagoro

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    Senate Guard, Galactic Empire

From the Expanded Universe

With the decline of the Galactic Republic, the Senate was rife with corruption. A notable few held onto their ideals, but often paid a heavy price for turning against the moral decay.

Sagoro Autem was a third generation Senate Guard, who held honor and duty as sacred tenets that outweighed even commitments to family. His wife, Sula found him distant, and his son Reymet found him unreasonable. The rebellious youth did not live up to Sagaro's strict disciplines and washed out of Senate Guard training. Sagoro's greatest bane was his criminal older brother, Venco. The elder Autem lacked scruples yet had a firmer grip on the Republic's fate than his idealistic brother.

Though he had the requisite skills, Sagoro refused promotions that would have placed him in administrative duties. Instead, he continued to work the Senate beat with his partner Isaru Omin, and reported to Commander Zalin Bey.

A year before the Battle of Geonosis, Sagoro was assigned to investigate the assassination of Senator Jheramahd Greyshade while the successor, Simon Greyshade, was placed under the protection of the Jedi Knights. His investigation would eventually implicate his brother in the crime.

The devious Venco then used Reymet's naïveté to get his hands on Sagoro's Senate access code. With these codes, Venco entered the Senate for one final assassination attempt against the new Senator Greyshade.

As soon as Venco was implicated in the plot, Sagoro was taken off the case as the investigation turned towards the Aumet family. Sagoro's commitment to protecting his charge, however, never wavered. Defying orders, Sagoro was there when Venco fired his shot. Greyshade lived, but Sagoro was forced to kill his brother, effectively eliminating his one chance to clear his involvement in the crimes.

His wife later left him, taking their daughter with her. He allowed his son to escape recrimination for his involvement in the assassination attempt. His life destroyed, Sagoro's loyalty to the Republic finally wavered and it would be years before he was able to put his life back together.

During the Clone Wars, Sagoro escaped imprisonment on Brentaal IV, and helped Jedi Shaak Ti and Korto Vos defeat Confederacy forces there, earning him immunity from past crimes. Sagoro then served in the Republic military, earning the rank of Captain in the fleet. When the Republic transitioned to the Galactic Empire, Autem found himself at odds with the new government, and was targeted by bounty hunters dispatched by Darth Vader. One of these hunters, Evan Hessler, was actually his son Reymet in disguise, who helped Sagoro escape pursuit.

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