First look at the new Six Flags Great Adventure rollercoaster to be built in 2011

Jackson, NJ – JTOWN today got a first glimpse of the new steel roller coaster that will be replacing the Great American Scream Machine at Jackson’s Six Flags Great Adventure.   Documents on file show the new coaster’s footprint and a top down view of the coaster, currently set to open during the 2011 season.    On the documents submitted to the Jackson Township planning board, pre-dated for Saturday, July 7, 2010, by Arnold Grodzinski, Manager of Construction and Facility at Six Flags requested administrative approval for a “new steel roller coaster in the Theme Park.  The new coaster will replace the Great American Scream Machine and will be constructed on the same site.”

The footprint of the new steel coaster will expand upon the currently designated footprint that had been allocated for the Great American Scream Machine, which officially shutdown last month and is in the process of being dismantled.   The only portion of the old ride that will remain is the queueing entry station.   Six Flags is requesting permission from the township to remove 205 parking spaces that currently exist on the northern side of  the Superman roller coaster to make room for the new coaster’s extended incline and drop. Total parking capacity will drop from 9,266 spaces down to 9,061.  Six Flags expressed their confidence in their new site plan and did not feel the loss of those spaces would compromise the parking capacity of the park.  From the first glance at the initial concept drawings, height and speed seem to be on the minds of the coaster designers at Six Flags.

The company also mentioned the 2005 approval of a hotel on the property which has yet to be built as further justification of the removal of the parking spaces requested.  An unidentified source within the township speculated that the delay in the hotel was most likely the result of well water and septic services on the site and lack of city sewer and water facilities.  The 2005 hotel plan called for the loss of a larger amount of parking spaces to accomodate the construction of the proposed hotel.

In a letter submitted this week to the Jackson Township Planning Board, Owen Little & Associates, an engineering firm from Beachwood representing Six Flags requested that the planning board hears and reviews the application at their earliest convenience.  The company submitted  a conceptual site plan of the coaster.  A more formal engineering site plan would be provided by the group at a later date once administrative approval is granted according to the request.

On Monday night, the plan was presented to the planning board.   Township Planning Board President Todd Porter said “We heard their administrative approval and it was approved by a vote of 9-0″ he added “for a new roller coaster to replace the Scream Machine, the theme and name of which is not known.”

The township planning board next meets on Monday, August 16th at 7:30 pm in the main meeting hall at the township administrative building.  Check back after the 16th for more information and more pictures.   See the September issue of JTOWN Magazine for a detailed report on this story.

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