The 11 Skinniest Video Game Characters

  • by Dave Rudden and Patrick Shaw
  • August 20, 2009 00:00 AM PST

In honor of the PS3 Slim, GamePro counts down the 11 skinniest game characters!

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With the PS3 Slim capturing the attention of an adoring public, it's becoming apparent that when it comes to video games, thin is in. With that in mind, GamePro has picked out the 11 most memorable skinny characters that managed to succeed in a world that outweighed them.

The 11 Skinniest Video Game Characters

11. Glass Joe (Punch-Out series)

Okay, Glass Joe may have a few pounds on Little Mac, but he's a heck of a lot taller, so the Frenchman is the true featherweight of the Punch-Out franchise. The fact that his losses almost outnumber his weight speak more about his ineptitude as a boxer than the inability for skinny dudes to fight.

The 11 Skinniest Video Game Characters

10. Faith (Mirror's Edge)

You'd be rail-thin like Faith from Mirror's Edge too if you were running and leaping off high rise buildings all day. On top of being one of the few Asian game protagonists, Faith also proved that you don't need massive breasts bursting out of your shirt to be an ass kicking game heroine.

The 11 Skinniest Video Game Characters

9. Abe (Oddworld series)

Enslaved with the rest of his Mudokon brothers in the first two Oddworld games, Abe kept his emaciated figure when he returned to save the Gabbits in Munch's Oddysee. Even though he earned his freedom, we're guessing Abe's constant dedication to freeing ugly mutant species didn't allow him time to sit down to a celebratory dinner.

The 11 Skinniest Video Game Characters

8. Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid)

The original Metal Gear Solid's mind-reading antagonist Psycho Mantis may look like your average malnourished freak in full bondage garb, but he's honestly one of the most memorable villains of the entire MGS series. This is mostly due to the innovative strategies you had to use to defeat him and his remarkable ability to tell if you've ever played Castlevania.

The 11 Skinniest Video Game Characters

7. The Witch (Left 4 Dead)

Anyone who's played Left 4 Dead will tell you that when you hear someone sobbing, you're in deep shit because one of Left 4 Dead's ferocious witches is just around the corner ready to sink her long filthy fingernails into your flesh. Seriously, these undead witches are so deadly they can kill you with one hit.

The 11 Skinniest Video Game Characters

6. Voldo (Soul Calibur series)

Not many folks take part in the "become trapped in your mentor's tomb" diet, but it seemed to work wonders for Soul Calibur's Voldo. Not only is he slim and trim, he's also got the flexibility of a yoga teacher. Sure, there's the whole "mute and blind" problem, but who cares when you can fit into the trendiest new leather getups?

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Lol, nice list Gamepro. It's cool to see these lists and articles you guys have been putting up lately. Something fresh and unexpected on a boring day.


Aww..nice list but I was hoping Luffy from the One Piece series would be up there...


Fattest game characters next? Especially to celebrate Fat Princess' success?


Fat_bot wrote:

No Vib from Vib Ribbon? C'mon, he's actually a stick!

Oh great suggestion. Vib Ribbon definitely deserves a mention.

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