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Tuesday 8:00 PM on ABC Family

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Tuesday August 3, 2010

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Rosewood gets a massive storm on the day the students are to take their SAT test, which causes the school to postpone the examinations. Trapped in the school during the storm, the girls' personal lives become stormy as well. Drama strikes each girl differently and manifests itself into different situations. After the storm passes and the girls get to go home, they all come to the realization that taking the SATs would have been a much easier task to complete.

    9.2 Superb

    The drama gets taken to a whole new level... hide show

    When I told myself I wanted more insight on the Alison-Emily relationship, this was EXACTLY what I wanted. This gives Emily a whole new layer, being traumatized by flashbacks with her more-than-a-friend. My favorite scene of this entire series was the climax this episode, when the detective questions Emily and she comes out in front of the other girls. I could hear my heart ponding as the drama played out on the screen.

    I liked the entire Hanna-Lucas-Mona storyline, up until they showed Lucas's muddy shoes. Is he A? I sure hope not. I also think the whole Spencer's mom's secret thing and the relationship between Aria's dad and Hanna's mom were a little overdone; we care much more about the girls than their parents. I'm also slowly falling out of supporting Ezra and Aria and into supporting Noel and Aria. I hope Aria makes a choice soon; the mid-season finale's next week!

    Overall, this episode definitely is one of the candidates for my favorite episode. Can't wait for the next episode!

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  • Music in this episode:
    "Never Get Enough" by Honey Pie
    "Quiet Hearts" by Amy Stroup []
  • Original International Airdates:
    Canada: August 3, 2010 on Much Music []
  • Hanna: God, he's freaking me out! Whose locker is he poking into now?

    Spencer: He's desperate. Ali's brother's breathing down his neck.

    Aria: Ours too. What if Jason told the police Alison's version of what happened after the fire?

    Spencer: If Jason was gonna tell them, he would've told them a year ago. He knows that story's bogus.

    Hanna: Well, then, why do they bring it up?

    Spencer: To try to drive a wedge between us. Well, he's not gonna do that. []
  • Aria: Mom, what are you doing here?

    Ella: Oh, I tried calling you, but your phone must be turned off for the test.

    Aria: Why are you here?

    Ella: Well, they called and said they needed proctors. I'm on the sub list.

    Aria: You are? Since when?

    Ella: Well, since they cut my hours at the gallery and I'm paying rent to live above it. I filled out an application last Monday.

    Aria: What, to teach? Why didn't you tell me?

    Ella: Well, sweetie, I was going to when you came over for dinner, but then you canceled on Monday... and Tuesday, and then on Wednesday.

    Aria: Yeah, this week's been intense.

    Ella: I understand. I just, you know, I would like to see you in the flesh. But you don't really plan on ever coming over, do you?

    Aria: I can't. Look, if I did, it'd be like saying I'm okay with you and dad living apart.

    Ella: But we are.

    Aria: I know! Just 'cause you were ready for this doesn't mean that I am. I gotta get back to the library. []
  • Aria: Can't believe it was trashed... Just when you thought that "A" would give it a rest.
    Spencer: It's like Toby had to kill Alison all over again.
    Hanna: Toby? What do you mean, Toby? His motorcycle was totaled. Isn't he dead?
    Spencer: I hear more from Alison now than when she was alive.
    Hanna: You guys, I thought we decided "A" wasn't Toby. "A" was happy to have Toby out of the picture.
    Aria: How do we know that Toby didn't just send that text? And why are we suddenly trusting "A"? "A" made a fake bracelet to mess with us. []
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  • Hanna: (to Mona) I think you're the one who needs a trip to Oz. See if the Wizard can find you a heart.

    This is a reference to the book series by L. Frank Baum that inspired the classic 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz. Hanna is referring to the Tin Man who goes to the wizard for a heart. []

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