Manitoba Warriors: Prison Gang Profile

MW were allegedly formed in 1992. According to First Nations Drum (Winter 2000), prospects "must serve an apprenticeship, called "striking," just as in bike gang culture." Winnipeg's gang unit database had 327 active and 143 inactive, almost all adults, in 2000.

They have traditionally been at war with the Hell's Angels over Winnipeg's drug distribution network, which has resulted in the recent death of three biker-gang members.

They have been identified by blue bandannas with a blue vest and patch on the back.

As a prison gang, the Manitoba Warriors have been reported primarily in Edmonton Institution, Headingley Correctional Institution, Stony Mountain Institution. On the street they have been reported in:

  • Brandon, Manitoba
  • Grand Rapids, Manitoba
  • Roseau River First Nation, Manitoba
  • Winnnipeg, Manitoba - In Winnipeg, reports claim they frequent mainly the North End around the William Whyte neighbourhood, and Dufferin neighbourhood in the North End.
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Waterhen Indian Reserve, Manitoba
  • Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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    He saw his older brother stabbed through a screen door when he was eight years old, started abusing drugs at age 10

    Assault suspect beaten in jailhouse
    The victim of the beating was 22-year-old Stanley Ross, a convicted car thief whom a source has identified as a member of the Manitoba Warriors

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