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Thursday, 15 July
Under the patronage of His Excellency Samir Al Rifa'i, the placement of the cornerstone for the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system was held today


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Amman BRT is expected to reduce the distance traveled using private vehicles by 85 million kilometers per year and the distance traveled using taxi by 12 million kilometers per year.

Each BRT bus can accommodate up to 150 passengers or equivalent to about 110 private vehicles considering an average 1.4 people per car currently in Amman

Waiting time between BRT buses (headway) will not exceed 90 seconds during peak periods

4000 native trees (requiring less water and care) will be planted on median islands separating BRT lanes from traffic lanes along corridor 1 (Sweileh Mahatta).

BRT will reduce public transport travel time between Mahatta and the University of Jordan by almost one-half.

The access to the BRT stations will be through pedestrian bridges or tunnels or pedestrian crossings with traffic lights.
network-maps / routes
  GAM has begun construction work on the first phase of the BRT, which will cover 32km in total length along three major corridors.
- The first corridor connects Sweileh with Mahatta via Sport City with major service to the University of Jordan.
- The second corridor connects Sport City with downtown at Ras El-Ain
- The third corridor connects Customs Square with Mahatta.
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The first construction phase BRT routes
The first construction phase BRT routes
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