From our Archive: (Interview) Sky Ferreira

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From our Archive: (Interview) Sky Ferreira

Surfing on the Wave of her first international Single “Obsession”, let´s look back to the Interview from March 2009. Sky told me that her songs are like “…being in a spaceship with a heartbroken mental Bridgette Bardot and Britney Spears with bubblegum and shotguns…” Since then, Ferreira (only 17) made it to fame in the US, is up to take over Europe and Britney asked her for a Collaboration.

You are 16 , your career just started out and there is so much ahead. What environment do you have to make all these things possible?

A healthy one? I don’t know. Haha. I just have to be somewhere that I can focus, support helps also I guess.

Are you rebelling against your Parents or do they support you in all kind of way?
No, not really. At first they were kinda “EH” about it so they didn’t really push it. It wasn’t about me though, about the things that can happen. I started it and they didn’t stop me. My family always want me to do what I feel is right and will support me on what I choose to do. I always knew I wanted to perform.

Your Demo Song “God Bless” is a very emotional track. . What inspire you to make this kind of music?
I was 13 when I recorded that song. Billie Holiday is a big influence on me and music in general. I’ve been singing gospel since I was a little girl. It came pretty natural. I mean its not the kind of music I’m doing on my album, but I enjoy singing that type of song and always will.

(Sky Ferreira by Rankin)

Did you have some Vocal lessons or is it a naturally thing that you sound that good?

I was in a gospel choir when since I was 8 and wasn’t “classically” trained before. When I turned 13 I wanted to learn how to sing opera, my mom got me a vocal coach. I love singing classical music. It also taught me a lot about controlling my voice, and what not to do to damage it. I’m not saying you absolutely need it, but it really will benefit you in the long run.

Your Vocals on The Virgins “Teen Lover” smash hit are different to a song like “God Bless”. So what can we expect from your tunes?
My stuff is all over the place. Sadly, I can’t post any of it on the Internet yet. Its like being in a spaceship with a heartbroken mental Bridgette Bardot and Britney Spears with bubblegum and shotguns.

Did you knew The Virgins before or how does it happen that you are on their record?
I had a few conversations with the one guy Nick and enjoyed his music a lot. He’s really nice. I hope to do some more stuff for them in the future. This guy who wants to sign me and is managing the Shoes wanted us to do a collaboration with them. I can’t say I’m singing much on it, but I think its a really fun track.

I’ve heard about a collaboration with Britney. Is this in progress?

Oh man,I WISH! You don’t even understand. I would probably die.

You are also doing modeling for the L.A. based label “waffles+falafels”?

I don’t know if I consider it modeling. The people involved with Waffles and Falafels are my best friends. Even though they like… live in Canada.

(Image by Lisa Boyle)

Who are your favorite Fashion Designers?
I’m fashionably stupid. I’m not even going to pretend like I know what is what. I’m too broke to pay for any of it anyways. I just like whatever I find is cute.

And your personal fashion Staple and shopping mindset?
I just like whatever captures my eye at first sight. I wish I could just shop for Robert Pattinson and Leonardo DiCaprio (1990’s version) instead of clothes. It would be so much easier. Less thinking, and most flattering.

Describe your Style in one Sentence:
Stick to dresses, I hate how pants look on me.

Fashion and the economy. We’ve just published a story about the global D.I.Y fashion movement. Do you also make your own stuff or are you interested in founding a Fashion Label one day like?
I would love to help someone with it? Maybe later on, at the moment I wouldn’t. I would feel kinda selfish trying to make a fashion label because it’s not really my mindset at the moment, I would rather give the chance to someone who wants it ALOT.

How is it for you to live in the US in a time when the economy crises hit the whole nation that hard?
Being my age I am a little naive about it all. I see my family and others struggle, it bothers me. Things could be worse though. I think the nation will get through it if we work hard at it.

Back to L.A. What new but unknown “worth to check out” artists would you recommend at the moment in Music, fashion & Art?
Mapei,Matt Porterfield, Mark Tieku, Anita Blay, White Arrows, Miike Snow, I Blame Coco,G.E.M., Radioclit, The Shoes. Sorry if I’m not that cool and up to date haha.

Where do you see yourself in about 5 years from now?


I am very impressed what happen since our Interview last year. Ferreira is 17 now and on the way to become very popular all over the world. Her Music fit into the current electronic pop tinged Mainstream and she is still a darling of the Blogsphere. Maybe someday we can do another Interview somewhere in Europe. Could be fun.

Watch “One” shot by Rankin and listen to “Obsessions

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