Watch out JLS! There's a new boy band in town, and they're set to give Aston and co a run for their money...

The self-titled "lad-group" are already being touted as the new boy-band for 2010 - and rightly so. With their fresh and slick mixture of old boy-band charm (we're thinking Blue) and modern pop-savvy production (we're certain Cheryl Cole is more than just a passing influence, and not just because they recently covered her hit 'Fight For This Love'), we predict big things for the quintet.

With a mixture of influences - including the likes of Oasis, Cat Stevens and John Legend - debut single 'All Time Low' certainly refuses to stick to the popular urban-footprints of N-Dubz. Instead, The Wanted are intent on mixing their genres.

As the synth-strings kick things off - not unlike Coldplay's smash 'Viva La Vida', we might add - the lovesick verse takes over: "Praying won't do it/Hating won't do it/Drinking won't do it/Fighting won't knock you out."

Blimey, it must be love. Seemingly forlorn, the club beats soon swoop in, turning what could be a rejected Take That ballad into a lively finger-up to that cold-hearted wench who broke their collective (boy band) heart.

Oh, they're "wanted" alright...

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