Flood in Pakistan

Sending Relief to Millions Affected by Disaster

Posted 2010.08.02
By Harmony Trevino

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Send Life-Saving Medicines and Relief Supplies to Pakistan

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Giving Children Hope is responding to the flooding in Pakistan that has affected about 20 million people. More than 1,400 people have died, two million people are homeless, and 3.5 million children are in risk of cholera.

Giving Children Hope will be distributing relief medical supplies and equipment to three medical centers and mobile medical clinics located in Peshawar, Pakistan, the capital of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province- one of the hardest hit by the flood. These relief supplies will be distributed to those who are living in temporary shelters and those already living in poverty.

Officials say that the floods have also damaged acres of crops, government buildings, businesses, schools, bridges and homes. The BBC reports that there are fears that diarrhea and cholera will spread among the homeless, as food is scarce and water supplies have been contaminated by the floods.

Donate today and help bring this much needed aid to to the people of Pakistan.

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Update: Flood Waters in Pakistan Recede, Lives Still in Need

As flood waters in Pakistan begin to recede, extreme dangers still remain.

The UN estimates that as many as 1,600 individuals have died; more than 20 million people have been affected; approximately 2,366 individuals have been injured; an estimated 8,000 people are still cut-off by the flood waters; and millions are at risk of diseases and food shortages.

AOL News reports that due to stagnant water pools, food shortages and malnutrition, an estimated 72,000 children are at risk of dying.

Similarly, approximately $3 billion worth of crop damage has been recorded according to BBC and Pakistan officials may be planning to cancel the country’s 2 million ton wheat export.

Senator John Kerry, head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said that more international aid is needed to combat the country’s potential instability.

Help send desperately needed aid, including lifesaving medicines, water purification tablets, first aid items and other essential products to devastated communities in Pakistan!

Aid Officials Fear Spread of Disease

Officials are concerned about the spread of waterborne diseases in Pakistan due to the massive flood that has displaced millions of people and has destroyed their access to clean water.

See a recent report by Reuters on the concern.

Giving Children Hope needs your help to send this region water purification tablets, clean water, and other relief supplies to help the millions who have lost their homes and their livelihood.




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