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News stories have dated the inception of the gang to around 1990, but users have reported that the first generation of Indian Posse was actually forged in 1988, inside Stony Mountain Institution.

Members are Aboriginal, White or Black, and all live by "blood in and blood out" doctrine common to many US prison gangs. For 18 months the Indian Posse ran a still in Headingley, controlling the sale of liquor.

Excerpts from news reports describes founding father Richard Wolfe 's notion of the Indian Posse as a gang with a dream of being "proud Indians," who "will join the great Spirit in the sky." According to Wolfe, "When you see Red, you see a proud Indian stand tall for what he or she believes in...We all have to remember we're all in it together & will die together & sometime down the road we will be remember[ed] as proud Indians" (30 September 1994 Winnipeg Free Press). Wolfe was convicted of attempted murder, and robbery and using a shotgun in 1996.

The Indian Posse was featured in the film Stryker, Canadian-director Noam Gonick's 2004 film about Native street gangs in the Canadian Praires. Stryker highlights the turf war between the Indian Posse and the Asian Bomb Squad, a North-End Winnipeg street gang, specifically covering the lives of each gang's prominent members. Gonick portrays Native Canadian street gangs as "armies of resistance," as methods of self-protection for disenfranchised youth that emerge following state-minority uprisings such that of Oka, Quebec in the 1990s (reference). Gonick, in an interview with the Indian Posse members during the filming of the movie, quotes them as saying “it’s about time someone gave us the respect to make a movie about us.” The term "Stryker" is slang for a prospective gang member.

Some reported recruitment incidents have been particularly savage affair, where the prospect has been forced to passively endure a 2 to 3 minute beating, including punching and kicking. Recruitment is often aggressively sought, with newly admitted prisoners pressured to receive tattoos with the letters "IP." Indian Posse can also be identified by red bandannas.

Latest News...

Alberta in brief
...believe it was the work of the Indian Posse street gang

Boy, 16, acquitted of storing machine gun for street gang
A 16-year-old boy was acquitted yesterday of storing a machine gun for a North End street gang

Gang members jailed in woman's death
The men, all members of the notorious Indian Posse street gang, burned the house

Slain mom shot by mistake?
House party attack at Enoch

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In prison, they have been reported primarily inside:

As a street gang, they have been reported to operate in:

  • Alberta
    • Edmonton
    • Hobbema
  • British Columbia
    • Vancouver
  • Manitoba:
    • Brandon
    • Ebb and Flow
    • Osborne Village
    • The Pas
    • Portage La Prairie
    • Winnipeg
  • Ontario:
    • Greenstone
    • Kenora
    • Sioux Lookout
    • Thunder Bay
    • Toronto
  • Saskatchewan
    • Regina
    • Saskatoon
  • Texas
    • Dallas

According to users , the Indian Posse mainly claims territory in Samson Reserve and Louis Bull Reserve of Hobbema, Alberta, while Redd Alert mainly claims Ermineskin Reserve. However, some Redd Alert members also reside in Samson, Montana, and Louis Bull reserves. According to users, Locolz in Winnipeg is in a rise together with the Indian Posse and Krazies.


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    Rivals have been reported with:

  • Alberta Warriors
  • Bloods
  • In addition to Redd Alert and the Manitoba Warriors, the Indian Posse is also rival to Manitoba-based Cash Money Brothers, Mad Cowz, Deuce, B-Sidaz, C.T.L, Central's Finest, Westside Crips, 9-0 and the Zig-Zags, according to Wikipedia. They have also demonstrated hostility towards Death do Us Part, a Prairie prison gang prevalent in correctional facilities in Edmonton, Calgary, and BC.
  • Eastside Crips
  • Some sources report that the Native Syndicate and Indian Posse are, in general terms, rivals. For instance, a 2003 Winnipeg Free Press article stated that "inmates involved in the [recent June brawl at Stony Mountain Institution] were members of the Indian Posse and Native Syndicate street gangs. Members of the two aboriginal gangs have been fighting each other for the past two months, putting the prison into two lockdowns."
  • Guerillas Of Death(G.O.D):
    • In the late 1990's there were violent incidents in Edmonton Institution between the Indian Posse and the G.O.D. The most talked-about altercation is of the fight that took place on January 16th, 2000, in the prison dining hall at breakfast. Joe Garon, a high-ranking I.P soldier from Edmonton, attacked alleged GOD executive Jason Kerr (28 June 2004 National Post) with a shank. Expecting a possible attack, and knowing he was outnumbered, Kerr packed two shanks of his own. The two stabbed each other repeatedly, and after the fight ended, Joe Garon collapsed and died from a head wound. According to the Globe and Mail (16 January 2004), "At breakfast the next morning, Mr. Garon began waving a knife. However, Mr. Kerr had taken advantage of his foreknowledge to conceal two homemade "shanks" in his pants.
      He [then] charged at his tormentor and stabbed him to death."
  • OverLords
  • Saskatchewan Warriors



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