International press likes Simon 5
March 25th, 2010

Great news from the international press, after the release of Simon via digital downloads, the first magazines decided to test our beloved magician and his friends.

The first reviews are out at our friends from from the Netherlands and from England:

Rating 80 %
“A good old fashioned puzzle game”
“A fun game for those who want to revisit this forgotten genre”
8.5 out of 10
“Simon the Sorcerer 5: Who’d Even Want Contact?! Will definitely brighten the mood of any adventure gamer.”
“…the detailed 2D/3D graphics using cel-shading has sharpened the graphics and on the whole the voice acting is very good.”

We will update you with more reviews during the next weeks.

Worldwide digital download available!
February 17th, 2010

For those players around the world or from outer galaxies, who would love to play the latest adventure of the famous magician and have not had a chance to grab a box in stores: Your prayers have been heard! TGC – The Games Company and its partners from various digital download portals are now able to offer you the latest adventure “Simon the Sorcerer 5 – Who´d Even Want Contact?!” as digital download version in full English language. That means fully localised spoken languages and on screen text with the typical humor of Simon and his friends. No matter if you are from Antarctica or other distant regions around the world – you could have as much fun with Simon 5 than all other retailers already had.

Simons international career continues!
February 4th, 2010

After the successful release and amazing ratings of Simon the Sorcerer 5 in the German speaking territories, the launch in France and the impact in the Russian market in spoken and written Russian language, the story of Simon the Sorcerer 5 comes not to an end. TGC – The Games Company and its sophisticated network is in continuing contact to major partners spread over the world to bring this adventure masterpiece also to other territories. Currently the game can be offered in English, German and Russian language fully localized, and in French language with onscreen texts.

Further languages are about to start in terms of localizations, but TGC is very optimistic to continue the international success of Simon in other territories and languages.

Russian territories enjoy Simon 5 and his special sense of humor
January 17th, 2010

Добро пожаловать Simon! The Russian market has a new star! Our Russian partner Snowball released a complete localization of Simon the Sorcerer 5, which means full Russian text and spoken language. Due to this very complex localization work, the magician could reach the local market in the biggest country in the world. The special sense of humor Simon has been transposed in the best possible way in Cyrillic letters and Russian language, so the game has same depth and fun to play like all other languages.

Bonjour Simon! Simon 5 conquers the French market!
January 5th, 2010

Good news for our French fans of Simon the Sorcerer, as our partner Micro Application has just released Simon the Sorcerer 5 in France. With its typical humor and strange behavior Simon conquers the heart of French adventure fans. The localized version offers native French texts and English spoken language.

2 new screenshots released
June 5th, 2009

Just in time for the weekend we have added two fresh screenshots to the image gallery. On the first picture you will recognise Alix, upset because of Simon.

On the other screen two marsians are threatening our magician Simon with their laser guns


GameStar Hungaria reviews Simon 5
May 29th, 2009

The editorial staff of GameStar Hungaria recently got its hand on the German version of Simon the Sorcerer 5. In its latest issue the well known magazine has awarded Simons fifth adventure with an overall rating of 83%. You may read the full story in the issue 05/2009.

Simon 5 enriches the genre
May 15th, 2009

The well known German gaming website has made a thorough check up with “Simon the Sorcerer: Who’d Even Want Contact?!“. In the review the editorial certificates the fifth adventure of Simon a lot of fun and describes Simon 5 as “enrichment for the point & click genre”.

Check out for the complete review (in German language).

New screenshots available
April 28th, 2009

TGC has updated the image gallery with 5 brand new screenshots taken from the English version of the game. You will recognize on the pictures amongst others Simon and his friends celebrating new year’s eve. Also we added pictures showing the Swampling, Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood in action. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the image gallery!

Wallpaper and Demo [German]
April 3rd, 2009

If you are bored of your dull desktop appearence then visit our download section! There you’ll find three brand new wallpapers in different desktop resolutions. Real Simon fans who can’t await the international release of Simon the Sorcerer: Who’d Even Want Contact?! this summer, may give the German demo a try which is also available in the download section. This demo contains about two hours of gameplay. But please keep in mind: This demo is – for the moment – in German language only. The English demo will be available by the time of the release.