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September 2nd
Front page News International PET reacts to Indonesian terror threat

PET reacts to Indonesian terror threat

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National intelligence agency sends three agents to the Indonesian capital Jakarta after terror plans are uncovered

The national intelligence agency PET is treating the plot to blow up the Danish embassy in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, which was uncovered on Wednesday, as seriously as it did the actual bombing of the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan in 2008.

Three agents have been sent to Jakarta to investigate the plot that was uncovered when an Indonesian anti-terror team arrested the country’s top terrorist suspect Abullah Sonata.

According to the Indonesian authorities, Sonata planned to bomb the Danish embassy in revenge for allowing the Mohammed cartoons to be printed in 2005. Sonata is suspected of masterminding the 2002 Bali bombing that killed over 200 people - most of whom were foreign tourists.

The three-man PET team have been tasked with assisting the Indonesian authorities in their investigations and increasing security at the Danish embassy.

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