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September 2nd
Front page News International There is nothing like a Dane

There is nothing like a Dane

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Major European survey reveals that Danish employees are least likely to shirk work

After carrying out a major survey based on interviews with 7,500 employees in ten European countries, US insurance giant Aon discovered that Danish workers were the least likely to pretend to be sick.

Only 4 percent of Danish employees said that they had shirked work, compared with 22 percent of Spaniards, 21 percent of British and Irish workers and about 20 percent of Dutch employees.

The organisers of the survey believe that Danes lie the least because they enjoy flexible working conditions, and because the job market in Denmark allows employees to take days off to look after sick children and to take care of other family-related matters.

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NotaBITTERforeigner  - 3...2...1...   |2010-07-13 15:46:37
Bring on the Dane haters!!
billbob2   |2010-07-13 20:52:39
I was going to comment when I was walking home, tripped over a daisy and hurt my pinkie. Oh how life throws a curve ball sometimes!
Heidi aka MissFuzzy   |2010-07-13 21:31:04
God, I think I must know all 4 percent, then, the ones who get fake stress notes from their doctor and skive off permanently.
tomnashdk  - Wrong article title   |2010-07-13 21:39:49
Geeeez, who is the one being bitter here? Did someone forget their coffee this morning? Need a little extra sugar, perhaps?

The title of this article should have been, "There are nothing like Danish Work Rules." Danes just follow liberal time off rules that no one else gets, and the other nationalities simply use sick time for the same purposes. "Child's first sick day" does not exist anywhere else, so other nationalities lie and call in sick in order stay at home with their sick child.

However, I do have to admit that I have bragged to my American colleagues that despite DK's overly-liberal work rules, once they are at the office Danes are very efficient and work hard.
magic1964   |2010-07-14 07:56:04
Sadly young Danes are adopting bad habits by sitting all day in front of computers and eating junk sweat food.....more and more Danes are overweight and have diabetis. Sadly Danish food culture look like US food culture....fat pizza, coke, ice crams and burgers
npandjmclay  - Are you sure.....   |2010-07-14 08:04:13
Danes don't lie to international surveys? National pride and all that!
kagemedchutzpah  - I must admit   |2010-07-14 09:00:41
The work laws here are quite pleasant, especially when one has a family. There is no need to deceive in order to tend to a sick child, there is (depending on one's place of employment and field) more opportunity to work from home if necessary, more flexibility in working hours, etc.

Tom is correct. It is not necessarily that Danes are "more honest" or "better" than their counterparts elsewhere, it is simply that the laws here give them provisions their counterparts do not enjoy.
Heidi aka MissFuzzy   |2010-07-14 11:06:59
Thank you, Tom and kagemedchutzpah, as always for much-needed perspective.
magic1964   |2010-07-14 17:49:22
I disagree that people everywhere are the same when it come to honesty. In nordic countries usually people talk more freely and openly about many things , it has to do with the protestant mentality. In other coutries there are more tabous.
bimco  - Don't believe the   |2010-07-15 13:17:40
They should also compare, how many hours less than they should work in the contract.the side effects of flexible working hours is, denmark getting more spoiled employee without professional dediction. ---all in all, it is bull.





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