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September 2nd
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Eurovision relief for Denmark

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Denmark qualifies for Eurovision final and hopes to be the memorable act that closes the show

Both fans and performers were on tenterhooks last night during a nerve-racking Eurovision Song Contest semi-final, in which Denmark was drawn as the last qualifier to win a place in Saturday’s final.

Ahead of last night’s competition in Oslo, the Danish duo of Christina Chanee and Thomas N’evergreen had received some scathing reviews for sub-par performances in rehearsals, despite their song In a moment like this being praised by many critics.

Seventeen countries battled it out for one of the 10 spots in the final and, as the results were announced in a random order, the Danish entry became more and more convinced they wouldn’t go through.

With one place left and tension mounting, N’evergreen admitted that he was sure their Swedish neighbours would get the spot.

‘I can hardly remember the last minutes before we were called out. It was completely unreal and I was just thinking ‘Oh no, it can’t really be true that we won’t make it through’,’ added Chanee.

Chanee and N’evergreen will be hoping to overcome the rather flat performance with a much more accomplished one; a fortuitous final draw will see them close the show as the 25th act on Saturday night.

The country’s history in the song competition is patchy at best, but Denmark does have two wins under its belt. The most recent - and surprising - victory came in the form of the Olsen Brothers in 2000.

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Filip  - PARTIAL EUROVISION CONTEST   |2010-05-30 18:04:34
I really dont think the just concluded Eurovision was really a contest and it still beats my imagination why people would give it all to be there just for this selection and partiality.
There is a considerable difference between the Danish duo and their German counterparts.'In a moment like this' was really the best,but its like poeple didn't actually vote for the best song,but just for the sake of their sister countries.In that sense,does the EUROVISION no lonegr a contest but only a support for neighbouring countries....cos virtually all the eastern countries votes for themselves..i mean for their neighbouring eastern european countries,irrespective of whether the songs was a real hit song or not.
If the Eurovison portrays PARTIALITY then its no longer a contest but sheer waste of real resources for such talented people.
nursebill  - eurovision result   |2010-05-30 21:10:13
Sorry that Denmark did not win as I thought it was one of the better songs this year,but happy,on the other hand,that you have been saved the cost of staging the contest next year.Which I gather can be quite horrendous!
Heidi aka MissFuzzy   |2010-05-31 09:32:07
Filip, that is a matter of opinion. To me, the Danish song sounded as if past winners were analyzed by computer and a winning formula was written.

For awhile, the Eastern bloc countries were able to vote en masse for unqualified and indistinguishable acts, but I've noticed more acts winning on merit for the past 4 years.

Lena, the young German school girl, on the other hand, sounded contemporary, and a breath of fresh air. The Belgian was also superb, and I found the French song catchy as well.

What's amusing is the Danish media is naturally puffing itself up with pride and taking part even in this victory, since one of the songwriters lives in Jutland. So typical.

Me? I'm just glad the Danish duo didn't win, because the hyperbole would have been overdone to an extreme, as is every actual Danish victory.





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