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“Having A Virtual Boyfriend Is Awesome”

Posted by blissmo 11 December 2008 32 Comments


I’m back!

I’m pretty sure the account regarding the new kooky dating simulation website is, quite frankly, “old school” by the time you read this, but I was absent for a while. Anyway — to those who don’t yet know (and bless your soul, I might not sound so out-to-date after all) –  Webkare, which translated in English means Web Boyfriend, is Japan’s “idiosyncratic way of curing loneliness”. Considering the fact that 10, 000 members registered over 5 days since its release and the site obtained 3.5 million hits during the same period, Webkare might even become available in the US and Europe.

When I first read about Webkare from the DOLLY magazine, which my sister (I even underlined that for you) subscribed to for a year, I was more or so interested in how many people would actually play this game. I did pay a short visit to the site and when I managed to get my “virtual boyfriend” talking, I — the AWESOME blissmo who adores horror, blood, horror, and blood — was totally freaked out. Not only was I more than slightly disturbed, I was utterly speechless. In fact, I don’t think I’ll be able to get a goodnight sleep for a very long time. Although I was shamefully intrigued by the nice and clean artwork, I suppose dating a virtual boyfriend is no real issue since it serves a “good purpose”. Madeline, who was mentioned in DOLLY, said: “It might be okay for people who find it hard to talk in person, but I wouldn’t date a computer.” I agree. Still, I don’t understand how dating a virtual boyfriend/girlfriend makes you any less lonelier than you already are. Enlighten me.











  • newgeekphilosopher said:

    BLISSMO! Welcome back. Have some cookies!

    Yeah… have you tried Virtual Woman? Google it, it’s a 90s Artificial Intelligence program where a virtual woman talks to you. I couldn’t sleep for days after I was greeted by an AI woman with a lust for dentists. I said I was a dentist to get her to like me but I had to close the program before she raped me.

    And don’t say rape doesn’t happen to guys either. Henry Darger man, Henry friggin Darger, the outsider artist got raped by a woman once according to a documentary I saw on the Ovation Channel.

  • JLeeson said:

    blizzy is a girl so she dun’ need Virtual Woman. I however will be googling that right after I send this.

    @ blizzy
    LMFAO! Real life dating rocks when your connection spikes

  • Kresnik said:

    Real Life Loading.. LOL

  • Setsuna-san said:

    IMO dating a virtual boyfriend/girlfriend only makes you feel more ronery as you realise that your ideal cannot be attained. Well that’s the whole reason why we should not have virtual boyfriend/girlfriends but androids instead. :lol:

    Anyway, good to see you back in action blizzy. :D

  • Caitlin said:

    *L* Connection failed and Data Unsaved happens all the time IRL too! I won’t name the name but yeah. >.>

  • hazy said:

    Blissmo! Good to see ya back! ^_^

    Speaking of freaked out… Try pushing the “demo” button of an electronic typewriter and see it typing it’s features and stuff by itself (as in the keys moving by themselves), then panic and fumble to pull out the plug while thoughts about the supernatural have popped in your head. O_O

  • Shin said:

    Okaeri! Also, I have my own live-in boyfriend so this doesn’t really interest me.

    —(゜∀゜)—(∀゜ )—(゜ )—( )—( ゚)—(゜∀)—(゜∀゜)—

  • JP said:

    Hey Blissmo!

    (I know this is not a coincidence.)

  • Ryan A said:

    Hi Blissmo :)

    It’s uncanny, lol!

  • JLeeson said:

    … bragger

  • newgeekphilosopher said:

    @Ryan A: As in… Uncanny Valley?

    LOL :twisted:

  • Omisyth said:


  • A Day Without Me said:

    It seems like a less-complicated version of a dating sim or the Sims.

    Damn, I wish I had a visual novel…

    Also, unrelated, but I have seen you make claims to being GAR – I would just like to state that I am more GAR than you. That is all.

  • otou-san said:

    Helping people who are having trouble with their lives due to the fact that they never leave the house… by encouraging them further to never leave the house. Something about that sounds so unhealthy and non-productive.

    In short, sign me up for the girlfriend version.

  • Hinano said:

    LOL for a second I thought that was me cause of the brown hair and the “hey JP” but then I’m like but wait JP has brown hair not blonde hair so that’s not us at all! :lol:

  • picchar said:

    Ngahaha, what a coincidence, the previous article I was reading right before this was also about Webkare.

    I find it funny that in the end, aren’t the users actually sharing the boys with other users? And no, I really don’t find it weird that they’re not even real. I mean, I wouldn’t mind a digital bf, but no wai am I sharing him! T^T

    Kidding of course. I like my flesh and blood one. I can bite him and watch said blood ooze O_O

  • Kaze No Honoo said:

    Welcome back Bliss. The virtual dating thing doesn’t work for me so much, I prefer the real deal. But I guess, the virtual side of life is much more pleasant than real life in my opinion. Don’t have worry about test XP

  • bakaneko said:

    @blissmo, I thought we had a thing going. Why did you cheat on me so fast already? *goes to hang self*

  • newgeekphilosopher said:

    Once you try Virtual Woman you’ll stay away from Artificial intelligence dating sims forever, and retreat eternally to the safe bosom of scripted J-dating sims like Love Hina Advance as you flee from the Uncanny Valley.

    Seriously, Virtual Woman is like something out of Bioshock.

  • jitensha said:

    Welcome back blissmo! Anyway, Japanese really are strategic in thinking how to gain $$$.

  • Kabitzin said:

    Damn, reset endings! Welcome back, btw =D.

  • Baka-Raptor said:

    Blissmo, congratulations on finally changing your poll!

    Maybe Webkare would’ve been more fun with a dinosaur character…

  • TheBigN said:

    @hinan0: Me too for a second there. :P

    @blissmo: otou-san has it right. Glad to see you never really tempted by the concept. :P

  • TokiDoki said:

    lol awesome comic

  • namie said:

    They also got online virtual wives in Japan. What’s up with all the virtual relationships?

  • Mari~chan said:

    and to newgeekphilosopher – Apparenty my mother and a friend of hers raped a guy when they were in their twenties <.< she held the guy while har friend, well, “sat” on him… hah.
    but I guess it weren’t – that – unpleasant to him, or else she wouldn’t have told people. thats the thing, guys rarely report rapes (from women) cause they usually end up feeing good anyway…

    Virtual boyfriend WTF?! hah. I wish it were on english, so I could try it out. I can’t really imagine how it’s like :P

  • Joey said:

    lol, i know how you mean. Though having a virtual boyfriend to ‘cure lonliness’ is more like keeping you occupied whilst you don’t actually have a lovelife outside Web-Kare. I was actually hoping to be able to register to see what it’s like, but couldn’t due to my very VERY bad Japanese. xD

    BTW love your comic.

  • Zai said:

    well I tryed registering to Web-Kare,
    I picked my character and all, but when I got to the Name, ID, Password, Email thing when I put the info that wants me to and I press register or enter it puts me in the begining (where you chose/pick a character) what should I do? I try again and again but keeps doing the same thing (going to the begining) its driving me nuts T^T

  • Gloria said:

    ummm…. do u know if they translate it in English? i don’t know japanese but i would love to have a vb!!!!!!!! :D

  • miko-san said:


    I know what u mean. That happened to me earlier. Have u found out how to fix it yet? If you have, please tell me!

  • anemoneprince said:


    ….check LJ Posts like http://web-kare-guide.livejournal.com/ —>this is the english guide for web kare… just a guide it doen’t translate it though…..

  • Kana said:

    Hah actual like web-kare
    I have a rl boyfriend but were so off/on
    ehh it kinda helps me pass the time when I’m bored xD
    plus I made a few friends on there so it’s all good.
    Not that addicted to it.

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