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The Fundamental Issue for America

2010 August 3 by Evil Conservative

If you’re inclined to get your week off on the wrong foot, you had no choice but to watch – knowing it would infuriate you.
But what Drudge highlighted wasn’t what that clip [...]

Senator Seven Car Pileup

2010 July 11 by Mr. D

Two of the busiest freeways in the Twin Cities, I-35W and I-694, bisect Minnesota Senate District 50. Things get complicated where the two freeways meet and it’s quite common to see traffic accidents and occasional roadside carnage in the area. It’s an apt metaphor for Satveer Chaudhary, the man who holds that SD50 seat, whose [...]

Chief Justice Hands Speaker a Poisoned Chalice

2010 May 6 by Mr. D

The Supreme Court votes 4-3 against unallotment:
In a divided decision, the Minnesota Supreme Court on Wednesday morning ruled against Gov. Tim Pawlenty in the unallotment case that challenged whether Pawlenty’s emergency budget cuts from last year were permissible.
Chief Justice Eric Magnuson — a Pawlenty appointee who is stepping down from the court soon — wrote [...]

We Don’t Have a lot of Time on This Earth. We Weren’t Meant to Spend It This Way.

2010 May 3 by Evil Conservative

“I’ll tell you what the hard part is – is to stop thinking like a goddamn slave. You say the Nazis in Europe ‘If they came to my door…’ yeah, well bullshit. The time is now. What are you gonna do now? Some guy pissing in your face; c*cksucker, wants to break your rice bowl.
“Mitch, [...]

Please send the letter

2010 March 15 by Mr. D

My good friend and blogging colleague Brad Carlson sent me a link to a site that will send an e-mail to your member of Congress (in my case, Betty McCollum) and another to the 58 members of the so-called “Blue Dog Coalition.” The site gives you form letters that you can edit. I’ve edited my [...]

Professor Reynolds Explains

2010 February 13 by Mr. D

Glenn Reynolds, the University of Tennessee law professor who runs the highly successful and influential Instapundit, went to the Tea Party convention in Nashville. His excellent report in the Wall Street Journal is must reading and makes what’s happening comprehensible, if you’re willing to listen to what is being said. In fact, it’s easy to [...]

Because Every State Really Ought to Have Two Ridiculous Proto-Teutonic Candidates for Governor

2010 January 27 by Mr. D

I’m not sure if Arnold Schwarzenegger is running for re-election in California, but there’s good news for our friends in the Golden State:

Move over Arnold, there’s another celebrity in the race for governor in California. Prince Frederic von Anhalt, the husband of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, announced his intention to run as a liberal independent [...]

Martha and the Maguffins

2010 January 19 by Mr. D

It’s over. Martha Coakley has conceded and Scott Brown has won the special election in Massachusetts. Every good amateur pundit needs to have an opinion or two on such things, of course. So here are mine.

Scott Brown ran a hell of a good campaign. He’s a talented politician and he ran rings around Martha Coakley. [...]

The Truth v. Machine “Scott Brown for Senate” Post

2010 January 12 by Evil Conservative

When the time comes to make a last ditch attempt to halt passage of legislation that will forever alter the financial destiny of this nation, how can you send anyone but this guy?

And you thought Sarah Palin was the sexiest politician out there.
I can’t believe these are the clowns we need to depend on.
Anyway, it [...]

Straw Men

2009 October 3 by First Ringer

With proceedings taking as long as a Dostoevsky book reading by a narcoleptic stutter, the 2009 Minnesota GOP Convention concluded wth pomp, circumstance and likely the candidacies of a few of the nine contenders for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.
Predictions were as rife at the St. Paul RiverCentre as political intrigue.  Would Emmer steal the day with [...]

Grasping At Straw Polls

2009 October 2 by First Ringer

The GOP’s pols vie for poll position.
In the race for the Republican noimation for governor in Minnesota, there has been no shortage of candidates – only shortage of interest.  Since incumbent Tim Pawlenty’s early June announcement that he would forgo attempting a first-ever successful gubernatorial hat-trick, both the GOP and DFL fields have exploded with candidates (19 [...]

Republicans Should Thank You, Mr. President

2009 September 10 by Evil Conservative

2010 was probably not going to be more than modest gains for Republicans, but that was assuming a modicum of political skill by the President to stem the tide of a gathering wave of anti-Democratic sentiment.
Last night Obama had the perfect chance for a compromise that could have entailed the reduction of government regulations to [...]

A Response to Umair

2009 August 18 by Evil Conservative

Umair just put up a post that listed the 10 mistakes that Obama is making. Considering he is a fan, these critiques of the lack of leadership cut especially deep.
Here is my response to his list:
Another bullet might be something like: Unite your allies.
Howard Dean (reform must include public option) and Kathleen Sebelius (Co-ops) just [...]

Splash one

2009 August 17 by Gary M. Miller

In an atomosphere that is growing increasingly amenable to Republicans, I would wager that Rep. Eric Massa’s loss will be one of the early calls on election night 2010.
Massa, it seems, told the Netroots he would “vote adamantly against the interests of my district”, a district he called a “right wing Republican district”.
Massa won in 2008 by [...]

Molnau or Never?

2009 August 9 by First Ringer

From the “past is prologue” section of TvM, we reported Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau’s name being dropped in suggestion for a 1st congressional bid – back in 2005.  Four years later, the politician seemingly without political ambition is again being rumored for a campaign waltz with Walz:
Former House Minority Leader Marty Seifert, R-Marshall, said that [...]

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

2009 August 9 by First Ringer

National Democrats join their Minnesota counterparts to go into Bachmann Turner Overdrive.
For better or worse, this has been Michele Bachmann’s summer.  Having narrowly survived her own “Macaca” moment last fall, Minnesota’s Sixth District Congresswoman has seen her name bandied about for Governor, her re-election race attract massive attention among the punditry and one of the DFL’s rising [...]

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