Backpack Review: Swiss Gear “Synergy”

Now that school has started, we at College Info Geek will be reviewing some of the gear we use in order to help students optimize the flow of how they work. Today I’ll be reviewing the Synergy backpack from Swiss Gear, which has become hands-down my favorite way to carry my stuff. The first thing [...]

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5 Android Apps to Help You Stay Fit in College

In light of Tom’s earlier post about the 5 iPhone applications he recommended to stay fit, I’ve decided to write a follow up by listing 5 Android applications for all our Android readers. Below, are 5 great applications that will help you get in shape and track your results on your journey to staying fit. [...]

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5 iPhone Apps to Help You Stay Fit in College

Fall is on its way, and with the soon-to-come resurgence of cold weather in tow, the drive to keep that washboard stomach can start to wane for college students. Beaches and running shoes are traded for a pile of books and Red Bull-filled all-nighters (studying or otherwise). How can a student keep the motivation needed [...]

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Why We Need Open Source to Succeed

How many people enjoy proprietary software? How many of you like to tinker or “hack” things you bought and rightfully own? How many of you like being tied down to the “one model fits all” idea and tampering with that model could result in serve consequences? Don’t get me wrong, I believe in IP (Intellectual [...]

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Dropbox Keeps Your Files In Sync Everywhere

Dropbox on an Android Phone - courtesy of babyben on Flickr

Ever rushed to the computer lab on the morning the paper was due to print out a paper? If so, have you ever popped your USB drive into the lab computer only to find an outdated draft of said paper? I have, and rushing back to my room to update files is not on my [...]

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Hack Your Note-Taking System

Every august for the past ten years I have marched into Wal-Mart to buy new school supplies, in most cases bring along my mother and some very archaic ideas of what to buy. My list would include a single-subject spiral notebook for each class (the cheap ones), a 10-pack of pens, a binder, and a [...]

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Study Smarter With Anki


The Quiz-and-Recall method of studying is seen as one of the best ways to study. Rather than mulling over pages of notes and textbooks for hours, you should be actively making yourself answer questions about the material. Today I’ll talk about a program called Anki, a flashcard program that uses spaced repetition to help you [...]

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Creating An Efficient Workspace


As an information systems major, I’m obliged to have an exorbitant amount of computer hardware. I mean, if I was toting around nothing but a macbook, I’d be the laughing stock of my hallway. That just wouldn’t fly. So, when I arrived at college, I spend the better part of my freshman year turning my [...]

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15 Great Albums To Study With – Part I

iPod and Headphones

Music and studying is, for many people, a distracting combination. However, there are a lot of people that find it to be a productivity booster (especially in our generation). When I talk to people that like to study with music, I usually find that they hold one caveat when choosing their study music; the music [...]

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Sleep At Night, Not In Class

sleeping in class

Last week I outlined some time management tips for getting things done more effectively. One of the items on my list was to get everything out of class that you can; take detailed notes, listen intently to the lecture, and record lectures for later listening. These tips are great, but I’ll be the first to [...]

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