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WWE NXT Report

CALDWELL'S WWE NXT RESULTS 8/31: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of NXT Season 2, Week 13 - Season Finale

Aug 31, 2010 - 10:06:02 PM

WWE NXT TV Results
August 31, 2010 - Season 2, Week 13
Live in Albany, N.Y.
Aired on Syfy
By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Week 13 of WWE's NXT Season Two show (the season finale) started with a recap video on the highs and lows (Keg Carry & Kissing Contest) from the season, focusing on all eight of the Rookies who participated. Tonight, it's down to Kaval, Alex Riley, and Michael McGillicutty (Joe Hennig).

Video package: Kaval was given sit-down interview time to discuss why he should win. Same with Hennig saying he's confident he'll win this. Riley said he's about to take this thing over after he wins. Only one will win and become WWE's next break-out star. A great video to set the stage, followed by the annoyingly terrible standard NXT Rookie video intro.

Arena: Live in Albany, Michael Cole and Josh Mathews introduced the show. Cole said only one will experience the "rush of glory" tonight. They were shown on-camera as Cole hyped a "big night" feel to the show tonight. Cole sent it to Ashley Valence in the ring. Ashley waited for her cue and introduced the NXT Pros. MVP came out on stage, followed by Zack Ryder. John Morrison was out next. Mark Henry is back tonight. Cody Rhodes was out next smiling to himself.

Miz then got his full ring intro to walk out on stage. Cole called him the "Rex Ryan" of NXT. Miz told the audience to get out of their seats and scream at the top of their lungs for his Rookie, Alex Riley. Riley came out pumped up for the finale. Miz and Riley made their way to the ring. Lay-Cool's music hit to bring out Michelle McCool and Layla. McCool introduced #1 ranked their hearts. All three walked to the ring as Cole suggested Kaval is lacking charisma. More Internet talk from Cole. Kofi Kingston then got his ring intro and stumbled through an intro of Michael McGillicutty. Cole said he's missing something.

In the ring, Matt Striker set up the show. First, though, the remaining Rookies were shown ringside in appropriate street clothes. Titus O'Neil stood up and saluted the crowd. Sharp suit. Eli Cottonwood just looked around. Lucky Cannon just stood up. Percy Watson stood up and did his gimmick. Husky Harris stood up and heeled for the crowd. Striker re-addressed the remaining Rookies. He said there will be another double elimination. Riley liked the sound of that. Striker told him not to smile just yet. Striker said the three Rookies tonight will face off against each other in a triple threat match. And it's next. Before that could go down, Miz and Kaval started jawing with each other. Kaval shoved down Miz, who was then clotheslined to the outside by Kofi. Riley also ate the floor. Kaval told Miz to stop talking. Miz slowly pulled himself up and shot a cocky look back to Kaval and Kofi in the ring.

Ringside: Cole and Mathews said they will be introducing the next Season's cast tonight. Cole said it's going to be a bit different next season. It's going to be all Divas. Backstage, Kelly Kelly was shown talking about being a Pro on Season Three. She introduced "fun, sassy, and athletic" Naomi. Cole said she's a former Orlando Magic cheerleader. Although not mentioned, she's the current FCW Women's champion.

[Commercial Break]

Smackdown plug: They showed another unique Smackdown video package promoting the premiere on Syfy on October 1.


1 -- KAVAL (w/Lay-Cool) vs. MICHAEL MCGILLICUTTY (w/Kofi Kingston) vs. ALEX RILEY (w/The Miz)

Back from break, the bell sounded with action picking up from the triple threat tag match on Raw last week. Kaval scored an early two count on Mike, then attacked Riley with stomps in the corner. Riley eventually cut off Kaval and went to work on Mike. They cut to a shot of the Pros on-stage, with Cody Rhodes standing up to converse with the other Pros. Cole noted each of the Rookies's win/loss records on NXT, with that coming into play randomly this season. Lay-Cool tried to start a "Let's Go Kaval" chant like they were at a sporting event...sorry, sports entertainment event, as three-way action continued in the ring. Riley eventually cleared the ring and celebrated in the ring. The Pros were shown standing up taking notice, with Miz clapping ringside. They cut to break.

[Commercial Break. Thursday, Sept. 23 will feature WWE wrestlers on Syfy's "WCG Ultimate Gamer" show to promote Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 and the Smackdown move to Syfy. Included will be Ted DiBiase coming off the milk carton for a TV appearance.]

Back live, Lay-Cool was cheering on Kaval, who landed a kick strike to Riley's back to break up a submission attempt on Mike. Cole noted the first elimination coming up next. Riley scored a move, then Miz suddenly high-fived "impartial" Michael Cole ringside. Back in the ring, Hennig scored a belly-to-belly on Riley for a two count when Kaval broke up a pin. Kaval then sprung off the ropes with a spin kick to the face on Hennig for a two count. Riley tried to go off the top, but Kaval cut him off. He snapped off a beautiful handspring into an enziguiri kick, taking Riley to the floor. Hennig then cut off Kaval for a two count.

Kaval came back with a Bite of the Dragon submission hanging on Hennig's back, but Hennig reached the ropes for a break. Kaval tried to follow with another handspring move, but Hennig avoided the move. He tried to score the win with the Perfectplex, but Riley yanked Hennig out of the ring on the pin attempt. Hennig then cleared Riley to the floor. Back in the ring, Kaval smashed Hennig with a kick strike to the head, KO'ing Hennig. Kaval then went up top for Warrior's Way, but Riley came to life and shoved Kaval off the top rope to the floor. Riley then did the heel house show finish stealing the pin on Hennig for the win. Cole and Mathews debated the merits of the victory. Suddenly, wins and losses matter to Cole, as opposed to two weeks week ago when it didn't matter than Riley lost.

WINNER: Riley in 10:00. Very good TV match for NXT. The three-way format is stale, old, and needs to go, but it created some good sequences and got over Riley as the heel taking advantage of other people's work. Kaval continues to stand out in the ring with a great offensive display. (**)

Season Three: Alicia Fox is another Pro. She introduced her Rookie, Maxine. She has expensive tastes. Cole called it a "match made in heaven." He read off a brief two-sentence bio of Maxine that included some very basic adjectives. This is shaping up to be G.L.O.W. 2010.

On-stage: The Pros were shown assembling ringside debating who to vote for. The first elimination is next.

[Commercial Break]


Cole: Michael Cole read off a plug for Raw #900 memories and moments on WWE's website and Facebook page.

Season Three: Goldust was shown backstage. He's a Pro on Season Three, which he hinted at on Twitter all day. Goldust said he has his seen his Rookie and she will star in a future movie. You will never forget the name of...Aksana. They cut to a video on Aksana, who said she is from Lithuania. Cole called it a bizarre pairing of blondes. They reset the show and plugged Night of Champions to come.

Arena: Striker approached the five eliminated Rookies sitting ringside to get their thoughts on the remaining Rookies. Titus, in his suit, was given first dibs on talking. He called Kaval a ninja, Mike a Will Ferrell-lookalike, and Riley trying to re-live his high school football days. Eli gave it up for Riley. Lucky Cannon talked and Cole interrupted, annoyed with the promo. Lucky said it doesn't matter because they flushed the show down the toilet the minute he was eliminated. Percy Watson was next. He gave it up for Mike. A very toned-down Percy. Husky was next. He picked Mike. He said for the simple reason, he was just born better.

Striker noted no one picked Kaval, but that's why they have the Pros Poll. Striker assembled all three Rookies to find out who's gone. Cue up the random picture generator. The drumroll stopped and eliminated from Season Two is...Alex Riley.

Miz snapped on the stage and the other Pros mock cried for him. Riley just laughed in the ring. Riley said the worst part of the show is Striker talking over him all the time. He said his father wasn't a "sports entertainer" (no one's was) and he didn't spend his youth fighting in bars trying to get "an Internet following." Riley said he believes and the audience believes he is the most-talented kid in this contest. Riley said if he were a betting man, he would still, without a doubt, bet the future of WWE on...he stood on the top turnbuckle...Alex Riley. Back on stage, Miz shook his head in disgust. Riley left the ring and signed off for the camera. He greeted Miz on the stage and pointed at the Pros standing on the stage. MVP mock danced Riley off the stage as Riley threw his arms in the air for the crowd.

Season Three: The Bella Twins are together as Pros. Jamie Keyes is their Rookie. She's ready to step out from behind the mic and win. ... So, I wonder who the "Internet darling" Diva Rookie will be this season.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: Cole and Mathews were back on-camera recapping Riley being eliminated. Cole said it's a shame. He then got serious introducing the video package on WWE traveling to China that aired last night on Raw.


Backstage: Primo is a Season Three Pro. He said he's Mr. Rico Suave, so it's no surprise he got the gig. Primo introduced her Rookie, A.J. It's A.J. Lee, who worked a recent house show tour. She's the sporty, non-Diva type.

In-ring: Matt Striker was back in the ring with Hennig and Kaval to continue stretching time leading to the final decision. He told them to face each other and cut a promo on each other. Mike had the mic first. He turned to the stage and ask Lay-Cool something. He asked them if they seriously submitted their adopted Ninja baby to NXT. Hennig continued to knock Kaval for his size and noted it's taken him 13 years to get here. He asked Kaval what his name means. He said his name means flute. Cole spit into the mic, expressing disdain with the promo, and the buzzer sounded. "Thank God," he said.

Kaval was next to talk. Kaval got a cheer, then reminded Hennig of his training from Harley Race. He said Hennig was set up perfectly to win this. Kaval said he's just a middle-class kid with a deep voice from New York, which drew a pop. Kaval said he earned respect working around the world and hanging in the ring with legends like Eddie Guerrero. Kaval told Hennig he will be the next break-out star. "Actually, that was very...good," Cole said. Cole asked Mathews for his pick as the remaining two jawed at each other. "I have no idea," Mathews said, which drew mockery from Cole as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Smackdown plug: This is The Undertaker. He's on Syfy. Well, now we know why Kane and Taker are playing their magic trick games in anticipation of moving to Syfy.

Backstage: Vickie Guerrero was revealed as a Pro on Season Three. She has the Rookie that is strong and dominant. Her name is Aloisia. She's the 6'9" giant. They showed her in a sit-down interview nearly coming out of her top. Cole said Mathews's jaw just hit the floor. He said her greatest influence is Vince McMahon.

In-ring: Striker was back with Hennig and Kaval, who have been standing in the ring for like an hour at this point. Striker said it's time to find out the winner. They turned to the Videotron to reveal the winner of Season Two is...Kaval. Kaval stormed the corner and celebrated, then Lay-Cool stormed the ring to celebrate with Kaval. Cole said whether you agree with it or not, Kaval worked hard to get here. Hennig simply leaned against the ropes in dejection. Kaval, Layla, and McCool celebrated as Cole said he'll eat his words that Kaval deserved it. And Kaval gets a PPV title match opportunity.

Striker reset and asked Hennig for his thoughts right now. Hennig took the mic and paced around the ring without saying anything. Striker stood in the corner with hands folded as they showed Kofi standing on the stage watching Hennig. "I don't know what to say," Hennig opened. "Him? Him?" he asked, while pointing at Kaval. He noted Kaval is getting a PPV title shot. "That's going to suck," he said. Hennig told Kaval he's nowhere near his level. Hennig backed away from Kaval and said he had one goal when he started and that was to become WWE champion. "Well, that's been put on hold," Cole said. Hennig said the elimination is not going to stop him from becoming a future World Hvt. champion. He said he is the future of WWE and he is going to be the next big thing in the machine. Hennig called himself "next generation" and said from this moment on, this will be the moment starting now of the Genesis of McGillicutty. "All right, great," Cole said, before asking to hear from Kaval.

[Q5 -- over-run] Hennig bailed from the ring to boos. Kaval took the mic and thanked the audience. Suddenly, Lucky Cannon stormed the ring to attack Kaval. The other eliminated Rookies attacked Kaval. Titus tried to hold down Kaval, who fought him off. The Pros then stormed the ring to make the save for Kaval. Husky Harris tried to attack Kaval in the melee. Referees eventually stormed the ring to try to break things up. Cole, now a Kaval backer, said it's supposed to be his moment. Harris gave Kaval a bodyslam, then Riley came storming into the ring. Hennig blasted Kaval with right hands as Kaval no-sold and scrapped with Hennig. Harris held back Kaval, allowing Harris to take control on Kaval. Bedlam was everywhere with all sorts of random brawling.

Hennig talked trash to Kaval, who smacked him in the face, prompting a kick. Lucky was upset, as well, and attacked Kaval. Lucky then hoisted up Kaval and dropped him with a horrible-looking move. I don't even know what he was going for, but it was horrible. Husky then landed a Sentaun on Kaval. The other Rookies then regrouped and continued to attack Kaval. Riley gave Kaval a TKO. Titus gave Kaval a sit-out slam. Hennig then told Kaval he's the #1 man here on NXT. The Rookies stood over Kaval as Lay-Cool was shown crying ringside. The other Rookies stood over Kaval as they cut to a video package recapping Season Two of NXT. They closed with a shot of Kaval celebrating his victory before fading to black.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Well, I don't know where the Season Two Rookies vs. Kaval feud is leading, but it will be interesting to see what, if any, follow-up there will be on Raw or Smackdown. The show-ending brawl was just so random and off-the-wall, but certainly accomplished the goal of getting sympathy on Kaval for whatever the follow-up is.

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