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Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank

New allocation of responsibilities on the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank

The Executive Board has adopted the following reallocation of responsibilities with effect from 2 September 2010:

President: Professor Axel A Weber
  • Communication
  • Audit
  • Economics and Research Centre
Vice-President: Professor Franz-Christoph Zeitler
Franz-Christoph Zeitler
  • Banking and Financial Supervision
  • Legal
  • Risk Controlling

Dr Rudolf Böhmler
  • Controlling, Accounting and Organisation
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Administration and Premises
  • Training Centre
Dr Andreas Dombret
Picture: Dr Andreas Dombret
  • Financial Stability
  • Markets
  • Statistics

Dr Thilo Sarrazin
Hans Reckers
  • Without responsibility


Carl-Ludwig Thiele
Picture: Carl-Ludwig Thiele
  • Cash Management
  • Payment and Settlement Systems







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