~¥∆†∆¥~ ERIC YAHNKER ~¥∆†∆¥~ The Fifth Muzzle Nervous Surf Bizarro Picasso Selected Reading (Nausea) Fat Bastard Scramble TESTICLE Bizarro Guitaro Hello Dolly Scramble 4-Eyed Dog <0-101 COCAINE Analagous to the Fall of that One Empire (Moby Dick) Selected Reading (The Jews) Morning Romance Bummed Bouquet L.A. Series KARMA Nip Slip Series Analagous to the Fall of that One Empire (Gap Shirt) Action on Rye War & Piece of Ass 99 Rises/100 Falls Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos w/Geraldo Features Helen Keller Jokes Hit It n' Quit It Her Happiness Scramble Berry Astonished Thanksgiving Weave Me Tender A Full Plate Juanita Horsetits He Do/She Do/Hindu A-Bea-C Fingering (Strawberry Jelly) Light Reading Beegeesus Naughty Teens/Garbanzo Beans Fingering SpaghettiO's Swastika Series American Socrates Mongo at the Column Kiss The Wiz Uncertain Tall Stack Delta Force End Credits Fingering Series Absorption Cycle (Daytime Edition) Chicken Fight John Wayne Dressed For Tennis Twisted Sister Liberace, You Sneaky S.O.B. #1 Absorption Cycle (Bill's) No Direction Home Alone Melancholy Outer Space Liberace, You Sneaky S.O.B. #2 Piano Man (For Guitar) Ben Franklin and His Hot Asian Wife Crockett n' Tubbs Hot Asian Pressure System ACTION NEWS Blow Me Down Abe Lincoln with Softened Features Untitled (Wolf #2) 5 Tchotchkes (Extended) Exchange Students Image Extension #1 Turdhat Prophecy Series Rojo German Dippers Fat Free Sour Cream with Beyonce Features Doritos Sweet Chili Heat with Dorothy Features Star of Davis, Jr. Hockney Making Crumbs Tri-Folded Enthusiasm Starry Night (Li'l Prince Redux) Cream Corner Knockin' Ronnie's Rockin' Kinetic Sculpture Ladies & Germans Hannah Montana/Hamburger Helper Stripe Drawing Turncoats Bearded Asterisk Radio with Rod Stewart Features Nice Jugs Sergeant Rutledge Switcheroo Smooth Jazz Alphabet Crazy Red-Eyed Bastards