Download the Demo? Did you like it? Goood!!!! Now, do you want The real thing. You know the basic:

Waste Contestants, Pedestrians and farmyard animals for points ( Download PEDs {pedestrians} from this site or other sites, Like my Barney, & Energizer Bunny peds {I take Requests} or you can create your own peds with CARMAEDIT avalible on most sites)

Choose from 25 vehicles, from a blade-infested dragster to a deadly dump truck. (INCLUDING 10 extra Vehicles in my PITBUL PACK that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page)

Crash, Crumple, Burn, Skid & jump in glorious 3D! ( Watch you opponets car go up in flames after you kicked the shit out of him/her)

True 3D, 360 Degrees engine include user-definable camera angles, Instant replay and SVGA options.

If you want this jamed pack, action, Kick ass, Sloughterhouse, Gut roaling... game then serch in the serch engin below and buy online or over the phone. You have 3 versons of this kick ass game to chose from.





There is a new Dino from the Flinstones cartoon car. at CarMACgeddon


Click Here (To download this Hover craft(The best car in the game) Click Here.

Click Here to download the the Skin.

Un zip this in your pixelmap folder

TEXT LAVA/Cheda above(Makes it faster) BUG/Stig (makes it stringer & faster)

Unzip these into your cars folder


How would you like to get pay back at that pesty Energizer Bunny, That keeps Going, & Going... Until Now. (Avalible for a limited time)
Kill this lovable, hugable, pice if shit. "I love you, you love me..." NOT anymore. now you can download the barney ped (Avalible for a limited time only)Barny replaces the flag man.
  Soon to come South Park Charcters. And more requests? email me.


Click here

Unzip this in your pixelmap folder


Poohey & lava crafe easy no reprograming file

Any requests like who you want to see ran over, or new cars, or just plane commenting/questions. email me at: PITBUL

PITBUL PACK ,I now combined a file that has, 11 Splat Pack Cars/Trucks, Barney, Energizer Bunny, Teletoob, Spice Girls, & Booger boy peds, Extra races for High Octane, Poohey car with the Dino skin, & the Lava craft. All together in 1 file,

I only created the Barney & Energizer Bunny peds, Everything else was found on the net form, sites like, Crash'n'burn, CarMACgeddon, & Blood on the Highway. etc.

Download The PITBUL pack Here

Go back to my PITBUL home page.

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