Songz For Hot Summer Nightz: Trey Songz, 'Passion, Pain & Pleasure,' at DAR Constitution Hall

Trey Songz, photo by Christian Lantry
In the past year, Trey Songz has invented sex, made you say "aah" and ensured that the neighbors know his name. If you haven't heard any of those songs, then you haven't turned on the radio, have you?

And that was the entire point of Trey Songz's third album, 2009's "Ready," the R&B crooner said.

"Crossover," Songz said when asked if "Ready" had a specific theme. "My initial interest was doing talent shows, and you know, music was far from real. And 10 years later: headlining tour, branding opportunities. I think it's grown far beyond what I could paint, what picture I could paint."

Songz, who performs with Monica at DAR Constitution Hall Saturday, said that album's lead single, "I Need A Girl," was calculated to break him through to the meainstream. "[I]t was a very radio-geared record which would do great and play on radio heavily during whatever time," he said. "It wasn't a record I expected to last forever, or one I was even excited about singing, but it was a record I knew would do well. And 'I Invented Sex,' I thought that would be a career-defining record, and I knew 'Say Aah' would be a monster club record."

Sex and love feature strongly in Songz's music, but the singer is quick to point out that he's no one-trick pony. "I am singing about sex every so often," he said. "It shadows whatever else I sing about, so do I sing about sex? Yes, of course. Is that all I sing about? No."

This is Songz' first headlining tour, an experience he describes as "amazing."

"Monica is a great, great partner to have out there," he said. "She's an amazing representation of what happens when you stick with it and you go through so much and endure through it all. And you know, my fanbase is strong out there. It's good to be able to go city to city and see so many different fans loving the music I make.

Songz said fans can expect something different from his upcoming fourth album, "Passion, Pain & Pleasure," which drops Sept. 14. "I think people should kill their expectancies and go get the album and listen to it," he said. "My place in music is yet to be determined, really, because I'm only scratching the surface of my potential at this point."

» DAR Constitution Hall, 1776 D St. NW; with Monica; Sat. Sept. 4, 8 p.m., sold-out; 202-628-4780. (Farragut West or Farragut North)

Written by Express contributor Roxana Hadadi
Photo by Christian Lantry

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    By arkeyah , Posted September 3, 2010 12:46 PM
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