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Hot cop gets on the case

Wednesday 01 September 2010 1:07PM

Scott McGregor plays Detective Mark Brennan - five


Scott McGregor plays Detective Mark Brennan - five
Mark will investigate the attempted murder of Paul Robinson - five

So who does push Paul Robinson over the balcony at Lassiters?

Over in Erinsborough it's the talk of the town and very few people know the answer, but if one person is determined to find out it's this guy.

Meet Mark Brennan, the detective who arrives on Aussie screens next week to investigate the attempted murder of the loathed businessman.

As Paul, played by Stefan Dennis, is pretty much public enemy No 1 on Ramsay Street, the suspects are numerous.

And there's no doubt Mark is easy on the eye, but will he be able to crack the case?

Speaking to TV Week, model and actor Scott McGregor, who plays the detective, said of the whodunit: "All I can say is that people will definitely be shocked when they find out.

"If you think you know, think again!"

Scott described his Neighbours role as his "first decent part", and said his initial four-week guest role has turned into a longer stint. Plenty of time to get his teeth into the case then!

The 6000th episode is broadcast in the UK on October 15.

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