New Zealand Earthquake 2010: Strong Quake Shakes Christchurch

First Posted: 09- 3-10 12:59 PM   |   Updated: 09- 3-10 01:09 PM

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A strong earthquake rattled New Zealand at 4:35 a.m. local time Saturday morning. The USGS posted a magnitude of 7.2.

The quake epicenter was four miles south-southeast from Christchurch, New Zealand, on the nation's south island. Local media reports there have been strong aftershocks and power outages throughout the city.

Christchurch is New Zealand's second largest city with a population of approximately 372,000.

Some Twitter users in Christchurch were awoken by the earthquake and tweeted about it:

@mojomathers: OMG! That was a freakin big earthquake. Stuff broken. Ongoin aftershocks. Hope everyone ok

@the4avenues: CRAZY earthquake in #Christchurch this morning! That got me out of bed faster than any alarm-clock.

@julierodenberg: 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch. It shook the water out of the toilet bowl. Crazy!

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@sezzyrose: Earthquake woke me up at 4:55am! Broke my wine glass and knocked some stuff around - freaky stuff!!

@kylierichardson: Streetlights all out by our place. At home power ok #earthquake

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A strong earthquake rattled New Zealand at 4:35 a.m. local time Saturday morning. The USGS posted a magnitude of 7.2. The quake epicenter was four miles south-southeast from Christchurch, New Zealand...
A strong earthquake rattled New Zealand at 4:35 a.m. local time Saturday morning. The USGS posted a magnitude of 7.2. The quake epicenter was four miles south-southeast from Christchurch, New Zealand...
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pierre F Lherisson   12 hours ago (1:44 PM)
An earthquake is a seismic movement that occurs inside the crust of the earth because of a sudden release of energy. Thereby it creates seismic waves. Thousands of earthquakes with relatively low intensity occurred around the world every day. However, 2010 will be listed among the worst years for earthquake in term of death and destruction.

It started in Haiti on January 12th 2010 where an earthquake of 7.3 on the R/S caused over a quarter of millions of death. Subsequently, on February 27th 2010 an earthquake of 8.8 on the R/S struck Chile causing the earth axis to tilt and thereby will continue to shorten the length of the days for ever by about 1.26 microseconds.

We are unable to predict when or where an earthquake will occur. Therefore we need more research in the field of geology
bobbyvassallo   12 hours ago (1:03 PM)
Austin based, Valley Wireless, just designed one New Zealand city and approached 3 others about building emergency networks for this exact situation. Valley Wireless personnel visited officials in Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington, with Dunedin's city manager and staff the only interested parties. Tsunami alerts are extremely important in this region.

The visit and assessment of risk showed lack of preparation and no signs of an emergency network in any of these towns. As seen in Haiti, these vital systems must be in place. Usually all forms of communications fail leaving law enforcement and emergency workers helpless to communicate internally or out to the world.

We pray for the injured.
Bobby Vassallo
direct democracy   13 hours ago (12:49 PM)
It's back to Mordor, Frodo!
napoleon68   5 hours ago (8:27 PM)
yeah, it's just mount doom erupting from the one ring being dropped into it. they have to watch for barad dur collapsing though. and at least we KNOW how this tower fell unlike 3 others!

seriously, my cousin lives there. i am so glad that there were no deaths or real serious injuries. thank god!
Kevin Atlanta   17 hours ago (8:33 AM)
Just give Pat Robertson a few and he'll blame it on Armistead Maupin in residence in Christchurch.
robiform   18 hours ago (7:29 AM)
Sending good thoughts to the people of Christchurch and surrounding areas. I visited Christchurch 23 years ago, and thought it was one of the loveliest cities in the world. Both the South and North islands of NZ are in geologically active zones, so an earthquake isn't uncommon there. I wonder if there is a building code similar to the one in California?
Luis Soto   20 hours ago (5:03 AM)
- In the past 50 days, the Earth has experienced a total of 10 earthquakes higher than 7 in the Richter scale, when many years there is only 1 each month… Most of them are taking place in the antipodes region of CERN at great depth, showing inner disturbances in the gravitomagnetic fields of the planet.
- 2010 is statistically the highest year on record on earthquakes for all categories, except for the man-made surge during II world war carpet bombing in 1943.
- There are 3 possible ways in which the LHC can cause earthquakes:
A) If the magnetic field of the magnets drawn above interact with other magnetic fields in the magma.
B)If it made black holes or strangelets that are now in the center of the Earth, slowly eating the planet.
C) If it produces perpendicular gravitational waves, affecting the antipodes (Tonga, Fidji region), which is reaching a maximal with occurrences at very deep level (over 500 km.)
- Since the company just have announced it will start production of strangelets - a cosmic explosive that could big-bang the Earth - this 11/9, contradicting all its prior statements, a cautionary stop of that machine and serious studies on its effects, which so far have been carried only by employees of the company, is long overdue for obvious bio-ethical reasons, since this year is also on the path to be the peak on human deads caused by Earthquakes.
More on this at:
CoronaDischarge   8 hours ago (5:16 PM)
That is rubbish that shows a profound misunderstanding of the physics involved in the large hadron collider.

Shameless fear mongering. You should be ashamed to even spam it.
jess jo123   21 hours ago (4:46 AM)
Good luck to all you kiwis. You are a resiliant race of people who will help each other all the way.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on earth.
tommy ding   21 hours ago (4:04 AM)
Beth Boyle   24 hours ago (1:37 AM)
This really surprised me. I did not know New Zealand could get big quakes.
Travis C   21 hours ago (4:18 AM)
New Zealand sits on the Pacific 'Ring of Fire', so we do often get quakes, but we have been lucky in that up until now most were in relatively secluded areas. That, plus our mountains act as shock absorbers.
Beth Boyle   13 hours ago (12:57 PM)
Sorry to see those nice old buildings all ruined. I would love to see New Zealand some day. I have sheep and NZ has many! You also have fantastic wildlife and scenery don't you? I am glad there were not serious injuries with this quake. I hope you recover quickly, Travis.
Coinyer101   17 hours ago (8:45 AM)
They right on top of a fault, but, they aren't 'common' there....,
omobob   11:12 PM on 9/03/2010
No mention of quake duration. Because of the reports of no deaths, thank goodness, i assume it was brief. Rode one for 8 seconds in 1989 at The Worlds Series and it seemed like forever.
Forester   12:35 AM on 9/04/2010
Go A's!!!!
omobob   14 hours ago (11:45 AM)
Fifty-seven of the deaths were directly caused by the earthquake. Wake up and smell the coffee.
RainDance33   12:45 AM on 9/04/2010
Was 50 seconds long but I bet it felt a lot longer for those involved, with a series of severe aftershocks. The Haiti quake was 7.0 this one was 7.1 and very shallow. The low casualty rates (only 2 serious at this stage) can be put down to the time of day (4.30 am) and earthquake prevention measures in building standards which are very high. I was several hundred miles away and was still enough to knock things off our shelves.
Coinyer101   10:48 PM on 9/03/2010
I haven't done any earthquake predicting lately, but, I recommend folks near Fiji and Am. Samoa be wary for the next 3-8 days.....,they could get a 5.5 to a 6.5 in that time.....,
Angie Cordeiro   12:26 AM on 9/04/2010
I'll go off topic've got 2002 fans, who will be 2012?
StephenJK   18 hours ago (7:05 AM)
Terence McKenna's ghost....
Coinyer101   17 hours ago (8:43 AM)
flossophy? That's all that's left, I think....,lol
napoleon68   10:47 PM on 9/03/2010
my cousin lives there. i spoke with my uncle, her dad, and he said that she is ok. her house has some damage. chimney is tilting and the house now has been raised and lowered by 8 inches on both sides. thank god no deaths!
Ngonyama   10:06 PM on 9/03/2010
Good to hear that there do not seem to be casualties, Kiwis...
by-the-sea-   09:26 PM on 9/03/2010
I love love love NZ, I was lucky enough to spend 3 months there living with my Kiwi boyfriend, it was one of the best times of my life...awesome country, crazy people (meant in a totally good way!!), and a way of life that is slower and soooo nice for a girl from the heart of Silicon Valley. To those of you I met in Christchurch, Jen, Kevin, Eric and Stone, hope all is well and you're ok!!
McFlipFlop   09:25 PM on 9/03/2010

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