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Checkpoint Earthquake Special

with Mary Wilson

Audio from Saturday, 04 September 2010

17:10 The latest on the 7.1 earthquake in Canterbury
Thousands of people are being evacuated from the Christchurch city centre with Civil Defence officials saying its simply too dangerous for residents to stay there. (duration: 8′57″)
17:20 Nine dead after a plane crash at Fox Glacier
Nine people have been killed in a plane crash at Fox Glacier airport. (duration: 2′12″)
17:22 We hear from Civil Defence
Our reporter Jessica Maddock has been driving around the city with civil defence authorities and joins us now. (duration: 3′39″)
17:26 What the police have to say
Canterbury Police will be supported by 80 Auckland Officers flying in this. (duration: 2′23″)
17:28 Canterbury's power situation
About 80 percent of Christchurch city now has power back on. (duration: 2′10″)
17:31 How Kaiapoi and the central CBD are coping
Kaiapoi, 17 kilometres north of Christchurch, has been severely damaged. (duration: 8′15″)
17:39 What's happening at the National Civil Defence headquarters
Our reporter Eric Frykberg is at National Civil Defence headquarters in Wellington. (duration: 1′25″)
17:40 How the welfare centres are coping
Chris Haines is the regional operations manager for St John. (duration: 3′03″)
17:43 The latest from Civil Defence: live from a media briefing
Civil Defence authorities are gave a briefing to the media and we bring you that audio - courtesy of One News. (duration: 6′28″)
17:49 Jessica Maddock in Central Christchurch
We return now to our reporter Jessica Maddock. (duration: 1′31″)
17:51 Kaiapoi Resident Collen McDonald
Collen McDonald says water pipes have burst in the main part of Kaiapo and there are cracks in the roads. (duration: 4′07″)
17:55 The Red Cross send teams to Canterbury
The Red Cross has emergency teams working in Christchurch City and across Canterbury. (duration: 1′10″)
17:56 The latest from the Selwyn District
Selwyn District Civil Defence Controller Ben Dingle (duration: 2′08″)


The Team

Mary Wilson

Presented by
Mary Wilson

Edited by Maree Corbett


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