Animal Crossing: Wild World

  • by Her Misnomer
  • December 05, 2005 00:00 AM PST

Animal Crossing: Wild World is definitely a misnomer.

Ah, to live in a world where animals talk and money almost literally grows on trees! That is the world of Animal Crossing--a conglomerate of sociable animals, money-bearing pears, and real-time living.

Home is where the Pears Are
The game starts out with you in a taxi, driving to a town you've named. Once you arrive at your house in your named town, a raccoon by the name of Tom Nook comes and assists you in adjusting to your new home; he gives you a job to help you pay off your mortgage. While you're not working, you can make money by harvesting pears from the trees, fishing, catching bugs, digging up fossils, and gardening. As time progresses, you will learn their hobbies and play with them. You can also play with your friends via wireless LAN or Nintendo WiFi.

Quiet But Not Quite
A strong point of the game is its customization options; you can design your own patterns and change your town's tune to your own. The ability to connect with other players might also help the game; why dig up fossils with AIs when you can do so with your neighbor?

Additionally, everything updates in real time; events are posted and happen when you could be eating dinner. However, until those big events show up, the game itself can be a bit slow; plowing through it hours at a time isn't optimal, unless you have human friends to play with. The AI's conversations are also a bit drab and repetitive; there is no way to skip through the pre-ordained dialogue upon entering Tom Nook's shop.

Animal Crossing: Wild World is a quaint game--almost too quaint. For the gamer that likes to live double or triple lives, or for an original Animal Crossing fan, this is a game to pick up. However, for the gamer that demands fast-paced action, storyline, and an imperative need for an ending, this may not be the best game to play.