Rail services getting back on track 

Published: 7:04PM Saturday September 04, 2010

Source: NZPA/Newstalk ZB

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All rail services in the Christchurch area likely to be restored by tomorrow, following repairs to damage cause by Saturday's 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

The main south line, south from Christchurch, has reopened with a 40kmh speed restriction and 25kmh restriction on bridges between Christchurch and Ashburton, KiwiRail public affairs manager Kevin Ramshaw said this morning.

The Midland Line, west of Otira in the Southern Alps, was open and the line between Otira and Christchurch was expected to open this afternoon, again with speed restrictions.

Freight traffic was expected to resume this afternoon and the Tranz Alpine to run from tomorrow.

North of Christchurch, the main north line, which sustained four kilometres of damage in the Kaiapoi area including damage to the abutments of one bridge, was expected to reopen tomorrow.

In the meantime, freight was being off-loaded at Rangiora and moved the 30km into Christchurch by road, Ramshaw said.

Tranz Coastal passenger services were expected to resume between Christchurch and Picton on Wednesday. 

Setback in restoring power

However, Canterbury residents could have electricity woes for days and weeks to come with 4,000 people are still without power in the region.

Lines company Orion says it had aimed to reduce that to 1,000 by tonight.

Chief executive Roger Sutton says new outages caused by high winds and cable faults will make this target challenging but staff are still trying to meet it.

He says more faults are expected in the coming days and weeks because of the fragile nature of parts of the network.

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sunny1901 ; 2010-09-07 @ 00:55 NZDT Report Abusive Message  
could somebody please tell me why there are people standing in the cracks in the earth and dangling their legs into them, are they not aware that if an aftershock hits then they could get their legs crushed, as the cracks could close or grate together?
natg ; 2010-09-07 @ 03:37 NZDT Report Abusive Message  
that is EXACTLY what myself and my friends were thinking as we watched the news tonight
dancingqueen ; 2010-09-07 @ 05:05 NZDT Report Abusive Message  
Sunny1901, Your absolutley right, I have been watching in horror at people and little children standing in holes in the ground. Last night on Closeup, they were doing just this. Both my husband and I said what on earth are they doing, if there was an aftershock, they could be sucked in, or the hole could open more and close over them. Keep out of these crevices, or there will be a life lost. For goodness sake.
Australianne ; 2010-09-07 @ 14:27 NZDT Report Abusive Message  
My personal favourites are the pics of the kids riding bikes or wading through the 'water'...which is probably why a number of people are now coming down with gastroenteritis!
thinkaboutit ; 2010-09-06 @ 23:06 NZDT Report Abusive Message  
More great coverage tonight TVNZ especially highlighting the situation at individual community levels where people reported they felt abandoned. All credit to those organising themselves into community working groups at this level despite this. Arguably the recovery process would be greatly enhanced if these community groups were psychologically and practically supported by establishing official coordination centres at individual community levels.
Madeleine Ware ; 2010-09-06 @ 17:31 NZDT Report Abusive Message  
You're making some good points here. Perhaps some of the donations could be towards purchasing and setting up storage of these sorts of things. Individuals are also responsible for making their own preparations. I clean and keep old 3L juice bottles filled with water. Every now and then I water my house plants with one and refill it to refresh it.
Madeleine Ware ; 2010-09-06 @ 17:27 NZDT Report Abusive Message  
As long as you don't get all caught up in day-to-day life and forget to analyse. I reckon now's as good a time as any, when the motivation is strong.
Madeleine Ware ; 2010-09-06 @ 17:25 NZDT Report Abusive Message  
Why are they buying water? Aren't there several tankers about the city giving it away?