Saturday, September 4, 2010
The Eagles traded for Ravens defensive end Antwan Barnes (50) today. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman told reporters this evening that the Birds' trade with Seattle, which sent Stacy Andrews to the Seahawks for an undisclosed (not real high) draft pick, wasn't officially completed until 6:03, three minutes past the NFL roster deadline. So, Roseman said, the team had to cut guard Max Jean-Gilles, with the intention of bringing him back Sunday if he doesn't sign elsewhere. Roseman indicated he thinks Jean-Gilles will choose to stay where he has played since 2006. Jean-Gilles' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, confirmed that his client will re-sign with the Birds Sunday morning.

"Rules are rules," said Roseman, who said the trade actually was done by 6 p.m., but hadn't been filed with the league by then.

Also, the team made WR Kelley Washington its final cut to get to 53. Linebacker Tracy White, announced as released, actually was traded to New England, Roseman said. Apparently the Birds will get a conditional 2012 pick there.

Andrews hadn't spoken to Seattle yet when he spoke with your Eagletarian, but he said he was excited to go to a plce where he assumes he'll get a chance to play right tackle. "I'm not sure what they have in store for me," said Andrews, who added "I wish things could have worked out" here in what he called "a first-class situation." 

Nonetheless, Andrews said he felt the negativity surrounding his brother Shawn, released and signed by the Giants after 2 years of injuries, affected the way he was viewed. "It affected it totally, man. People were questioning whether he was really hurt, throwing dirt on his name, and that kind of rubbed off on me. I kind of came in on a bad note," Andrews said.

He said he felt much of the negativity was from the fans and media, but "it trickled into some of the players. I'm not sure about (it affecting) the organization."

It's unusual to trade your starting right guard a week and a day before the season starts, but Andrews and agent Rich Moran were vocal about their unhappiness, when it began to look as if Andrews' starting position might not be assured, and esepcially after the Birds traded for longtime Cardinals starting guard Reggie Wells on Friday.

Andrews, who told the Daily News he came here to play tackle, said he would not have agreed to restructure his six-year, $39 million contract if Roseman hadn't assured him he would be the starting right guard.

"I think Stacy feels more comfortable at the tackle position; he's voiced that," Roseman said last night. "We feel with the addition of Reggie Wells and the health of our offensive line, we feel comfortable at the guard position."

 Roseman said veteran Nick Cole will start at right guard. Obviously, that could change once Wells gets here and gets comforable in the offense. The Eagles resume practice Sunday.

It's an oddly shaped 53-man roster, which could still get some tweaking over the next few days

 Earlier, The Eagles acquired defensive end/linebacker Antwan Barnes from the Baltimore Ravens for an undisclosed draft choice in 2011. The pick reportedly is a seventh-rounder.

Also, the Birds made 11 of the 13 cuts they need to get down to 53 by 6 p.m. Gone are WR Chad Hall, WR Jordan Norwood, TE Cornelius Ingram, C A.Q. Shipley, C Dallas Reynolds, OL Fenuki Tupou, DE Eric Moncur, DT Jeff Owens, LB Tracy.White, S Macho Harris, and S Quintin Demps.

The final two moves were the cutting of Washington and the trading of Andrews (combined with the deadline snafu and the "cutting" of Jean-Gilles.)

It's mildly surprising that Demps and Harris both were cut. CB Jorrick Calvin, picked up in a trade last week with Arizona, made the team, at least for tonight. Roseman said Calvin, a kick and punt returner, has "an intriguing skill set."

 The Eagles right now have 6 corners and only 3 safeties, vet Quintin Mikell and rookies Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman. Roseman said there are corners in the bunch who also can play safety, and that he hopes to add a practice squad safety when that group is assembled on Sunday.

When Jean-Gilles returns, the Eagles will be carrying 10 o-linemen and 10 d-linemen, along with 7 linebackers, 2 tight ends and 5 wideouts.

Although Barnes was listed as the backup at outside linebacker to Terrell Suggs, he is expected to be a defensive end with the Eagles.

Barnes, 25, was a fourth round draft choice of the Ravens in 2007 and posted 20 tackles, five sacks, one interception and one forced fumble during his three-year career in Baltimore. Three of his sacks came last season in 11 games, and he is viewed as a promising pass rusher.

The 6-1, 251-pound Barnes has seen action in 37 regular-season games and two postseason games for the Ravens and has 24 career special teams tackles.

Via his Twitter account, Barnes wrote, "Woooooooo........I had a good run in Baltimore......thank everyone for your support......its a new beginning and I'm ready to be a eagle..."

Barnes also set the career sacks record at Florida International with 24 and also made 224 tackles. He also was twice named first-team All-Sun Belt Conference.

Roseman said the Eagles have been following Barnes for a long time, and really like his pass-rushing speed.

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Posted 01:43 PM, 09/04/2010
r white
I always worry in pro football when a team trades a seemingly talented player... usually it's for a reason. I hope it works out but I have doubts...
Posted 01:44 PM, 09/04/2010
Whyy???? Were just throwing draft picks away.
Posted 01:46 PM, 09/04/2010
This was another great move by the eagles. This guy was a 4th round draft pick and the eagles probably got him for nothing. He can play DE and LB and he is an option behind jordan at LB. I think he can be really good and I am glad the eagles made another move.
Posted 01:52 PM, 09/04/2010
bdawk20, are you Andy Reid's wife? As for the move, probably not good news all of you Fokou fans out there.
Posted 01:58 PM, 09/04/2010
yeah, another Andy Reid stroke of genuis to stop the run. Didn't Reid grow up in a time when you played nose tackles and big MLBs to stop the run? WTF?
Posted 02:01 PM, 09/04/2010
B in DC
Is this a special teams move, then?
Posted 02:06 PM, 09/04/2010
Craig Schmoll
Posted 02:09 PM, 09/04/2010
everyone is saving money. just saw Housh get released from Seattle
Posted 02:11 PM, 09/04/2010
Dr. Michael
Father of the Year Andy Reid, flaunting his arrogance again...6-10 this year for the Gold Standard football coach and parent.
Posted 02:17 PM, 09/04/2010
maybe this guy comes in and brings an attitude to the defense - and is actually able to get to the qb.
Posted 02:22 PM, 09/04/2010
I love the Eagles and Andy Reid. Great football for the past 11 years. Trust in upper management.
Posted 02:24 PM, 09/04/2010
Yep, you are all soooo much smarter than Andy Reid and the Eagle organization. Why don't you save yourself the aggravation and root for some other team. You're never satisfied and have made a science out of complaining.
Posted 02:26 PM, 09/04/2010
Dr.Michael,all you do is bash Reid.You had to be one of the nit wits who hated Buddy Ryan,and who replaced him? Yea the great Richie Kotite.All Reid does is win.I,m sure we can get Kotite back or maybe Ray Rhodes.
Posted 02:27 PM, 09/04/2010
Posted 02:27 PM, 09/04/2010
Trading three times in a week, a week before the season starts. Desperation. 8-8 is an absolute stretch. More like 6-10.
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