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Eagles trade guard Stacy Andrews to Seattle
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Eagles trade guard Stacy Andrews to Seattle

Eighteen months after signing guard Stacy Andrews to a six-year, $38.9 million deal, the Eagles traded the offensive lineman to Seattle for a 2011 seventh-round draft pick on Saturday.

That was one of handful of deals the Eagles made as they met the NFL-mandated roster limit of 53. The Eagles also obtained defensive end Antwan Barnes from Baltimore and sent linebacker Tracy White to New England. Both transactions involved future low-round draft picks.

Andrews played in just 10 games for the Eagles last season, two as the starting right guard. He ended up earning just over $9 million from the original deal, according to a league source. That works out to $900,000 a game that the Eagles paid for Andrews' services.

It's safe to say the Eagles did not get what they bargained for when they signed Andrews as a free agent in February 2009. But there were red flags.

For one, Andrews was just four months removed from having torn the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. Second, the Eagles almost immediately moved him to guard even though he had played most of his career at tackle.

"To be fair, we watched him at tackle in Cincinnati and . . . he had played three games, like he has voiced, at guard," said Eagles general manager Howie Roseman, who also proclaimed Nick Cole the new starter at right guard. "So it was a projection."

The Eagles originally slotted Andrews at right guard so his brother, Shawn, could move to right tackle to replace Jon Runyan.

"I did it because [the Eagles] said it would help Shawn's back," Stacy Andrews said Saturday night.

Shawn Andrews, of course, never played right tackle for the Eagles and was eventually released. He signed an incentive-laden deal with the New York Giants three weeks ago and is showing that he may have recovered from the back problems that plagued his final two years in Philadelphia.

Stacy Andrews said that his brother's troubles affected the way he was portrayed in the media and by fans. His agent, Rich Moran, went further and said the younger brother's problems affected how the Eagles dealt with the elder one.

"I think that what happened with Stacy had a lot to do with what happened with Shawn," Moran said. "He was playing his brother's position. . . . If Stacy knew that he was being signed to play guard, he would have never signed."

The Eagles' admission that the Andrews signing was a failure was just one move - albeit the most significant - on a cutdown day with a flurry of activity.

While teams were required to trim rosters to 53 by 6 p.m, the Eagles wound up cutting their roster to 52 because the Andrews deal was not officially complete until three minutes after 6 p.m. After releasing 11 players, dealing Andrews and White, and trading for Barnes, the team was forced to waive another player.

They released Max Jean-Gilles but said that they expected to re-sign him when they are permitted to do so Sunday even though the five-year guard is now a free agent. An Eagles source said it was 99.9 percent certain that Jean-Gilles would return, even though he can sign with any team.

A message left with Jean-Gilles' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, was not returned.

Jean-Gilles was just one of several familiar names to be on the list of released players. To some surprise, the Eagles cut safeties Quintin Demps and Macho Harris. The two were assumed to be fighting for the fourth and final safety spot, but the Eagles decided to keep just starters Quintin Mikell, rookie Nate Allen, and reserve Kurt Coleman, also a rookie.

"That's the way the numbers panned out, and obviously, I think you'll see another safety added here to the practice squad," Roseman said.

The Eagles can add up to eight practice-squad members at noon Sunday. A number could come from the cut list, provided they clear waivers. To be eligible, the players must not have played in a regular season game.

Cornelius Ingram is a candidate to land on the practice squad. The tight end is trying to come back from back-to-back ACL tears in his left knee in successive Augusts, and could remain unclaimed.

Other players released and eligible to return to the practice squad include wide receivers Chad Hall and Jordan Norwood, guards Fenuki Tupou and Dallas Reynolds, defensive tackle Jeff Owens, center A.Q. Shipley, and defensive end Eric Moncor.

Owens, a seventh-round pick, is the only 2010 draft selection to get cut. Tupou was a 2009 fifth-round pick.

The last cut, and he can accurately be described as such because the Eagles waited until past the deadline to announce it, was veteran receiver Kelley Washington. With wide receiver Hank Baskett back and on the team, a special-teams expert like Washington was expendable.

The Eagles started the day by acquiring Barnes, a 6-foot-1, 251-pound fourth-year player who played outside linebacker in the Ravens' 3-4 defensive scheme but will play end with the Eagles. The team surrendered a 2011 seventh-round pick to get the 25-year-old, who posted 20 tackles and five sacks in 37 career games.

"We've always had our eye on Barnes," Roseman said.

Roseman was able to wrestle a 2012 seventh-round pick from the Patriots for White, who was not expected to make the team. On Friday, the Eagles traded away another 2011 seventh-round pick to get guard Reggie Wells from Arizona.

That move portended the Andrews trade. Cole, who has been sidelined for most of the last month with knee swelling, is penciled in as the starter at right guard, but Wells is insurance.

Andrews had intimated during the off-season that he was not comfortable playing guard. His effort in the preseason suggested as much, as he struggled with some of the basic chores of the position.


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Posted 06:07 AM, 09/05/2010
What a brilliant move by Reid to sign Stacey in the first place, he has such an eye for talent. It really assuages some doubts about Kolb...Oh wait, nvm.
Posted 07:08 AM, 09/05/2010
i hate to give howie props, but it seems like the kid can make deals, and get quality players. this draft nabbed like ten new rookies (plus a couple trades for rookies). the team is now 25% new. the eagles have finally started drafting quality high and low in the draft the last couple years. this team is filled with potential excitement i haven't seen since 02.
Posted 08:14 AM, 09/05/2010
I'm glad the message was sent to the team. Produce or leave.
Posted 08:18 AM, 09/05/2010
The whole foundation for Stacey Andrews success tanked with his brother. Andy Reid has a good eye for ol talent and he knew Shawn was a stud, a top notch perennial all-pro. So he stuck with him and tried to create the perfect environment to get Shawn back on the field happy. It failed. Say what you want about Eagles front office, but this is why you have to play hardball with players. Shawn squeezed another season of salary by pretending to be ready to play. When he wasn't last year, his brother Stacey's days were numbered.
Posted 08:26 AM, 09/05/2010
I have mixed feeling abut Reid. In a nutshell, Reid does not have the best eye for player talent. Reid's talent is squeezing all he can out of the players.
Posted 08:49 AM, 09/05/2010
If Juan Castillo is such a genius which I read and hear on a daily basis then why is the o-line struggling so much? AR and company touted Peters and Andrews as being PRO Bowlers the best in the business, well one of two things is true Juan Castillo is not as good as they want you to believe or AR has no clue what he is decide. Lets not forget the spin from last year, Quintin Demps will take over for DAWK and Macho Harris is a playmaker...over hyped and overated...AR needs to go.
Posted 08:54 AM, 09/05/2010
Stacy is just another example of Reid's ego. The guy is a tackle, everybody knows he is a tackle but Reid knows better than everybody and moved him to guard. He's done the same thing to numerous players. Andy is a first class ....
Posted 09:03 AM, 09/05/2010
toe bee
Andy better realize there are 2 people on the staff who are in over their heads. The Defensive Coordinator and the General Manager are making mistakes on the high profile things like removing a starting Linebacker on the first day of training camp and putting last year's failure back in the role, cutting 2 safeties and leaving a rookie as the only backup at both positions or how about having to cut Gillies because you don't get the trade filed on time??? If we let either of these gentlemen go do you really see any other orginization signing them in the same capacity, I don't. In the past we were able to compensate the Bostonian cheapies with solid football men coaching and running things. Now cheap is creeping in the staff as well, Andy get out before they ruin your successes of the past 10 years.
Posted 09:04 AM, 09/05/2010
That "get back at your old employer" motivation Shawn is expressing will only take him so far... The NFL is a grind and the first bit of adversity he experiences he will whine and expect to be coddled and will end up in the dog house no matter where he plays. Nobody worry.
Posted 09:05 AM, 09/05/2010
Just our luck Shawn turn out the be a probolwer in N.Y. Stacy never was, never will be, never wanted to be a gaurd yet since Reid invented football he thinks he can make him one. Same with Gocong, Harris, Hunt, Klecko, etc.
Posted 09:09 AM, 09/05/2010
Yes Andy has an eye for talent he just can't coach, call plays or make adjustment during games. Remember the time management issues, the Justice 6 sack game vs the giants or the Raiders and Dunlap last year or Reggie Lewis and the return game. There are enough examples of his shortsightedness that would lead you to say, bad coaching... And don't forget the biggest issue the running game. Want to make Peters a real All Pro, turn him loose in the run game.
Posted 09:14 AM, 09/05/2010
With Birds sliding backwards end of last season, it was time to clean house retool. 11-5 was deceptive. Solid draft and some good pickups recently. The is a better team than the one that ended last season, just going to need some experience, new o-line needs to jell and secondary just needs pplaying time together. Low expectations for 2010, but future looks much better. Defense has the pieces to get back to Eagles football.
Posted 09:14 AM, 09/05/2010
Barnes, just what we needed, another tweener too small to play DE and too slow to play LB. Haven't we had a steady parade of marginal players that size since letting Derrick Burgess walk? And keeping Baskett over Washington? I saw Kelly make more plays on Special Teams in one preseason game than Hank made in all the full seasons he has been here.
Posted 09:28 AM, 09/05/2010
One must wonder if Kendra was sneaked in to the management offices to help "service" the idea that Baskett - the guy who blew The Super Bowl WITH HIS HANDS - was a receiver worth keeping. He's a total zero. So that makes Washington what? Another fine job by The Inquirer nailing that down. I am Oppressed.
Posted 09:30 AM, 09/05/2010
Sono Calabrese
Ryan Nassib from Malvern Prep and now Syracuse will be the Eagles starting QB in three years, Book it.
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