3Oh!3 Sued by Diamond Dallas Page Over Hand Symbol

09/06/2010 // 4:25 pm // Article by Brian Willett

Electronic hip-hoppers 3OH!3 are known for the use of the hand symbol you see above, in which the fingers form threes and the opening forms an “O”.  And as innocuous as the symbol seems, 3OH!3′s gesture has just gotten the band into some hot water with former professional wrestler “Diamond” Dallas Page.

As you can see in the picture above, Dallas Page is also a fan of the symbol, but only because he’s been using it since the early 1990s.  Page is no longer wrestling with the WCW or WWF (now WWE, thanks to the World Wildlife Fund), but now spends his time as a fitness guru, motivational speaker, and legal plaintiff.

Page is now targeting 3OH!3 for unauthorized use of his “Diamond Cutter” symbol, but he’s no stranger to the legal arena.  Page filed a lawsuit against Jay-Z in December 2005 alleging copyright infringement and trademark infringement, as Jay-Z has been known to display a similar gesture, as you can see below.

It remains to be seen what action, if any, 3OH!3 will take.  As of this writing, there is no statement on 3OH!3′s official website.  Similarly, 3OH!3 has not commented on the situation on Twitter.  Instead, the band has focused on touring behind its latest release, Streets of Gold, which you can download here. Other 3OH!3 downloads are here.

Also no word on whether Spock will be sued for his unauthorized use in the future.


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9 Comments for “3Oh!3 Sued by Diamond Dallas Page Over Hand Symbol”

  1. rofl for that copter?

  2. age u suc

  3. You can’t sue 3oh3!! Fuck u Dallas Page!! -_-

  4. jr vera mission texas

    dallas paige …typical white boy fuck his cracker ass….

  5. Bloginity Staff

    This is ridiculous

  6. I suggest suing everyone in crowd while you are at it too, Dallas Page. This is completely stupid.

  7. This is borderline hilarious.

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