Coming to America


Coming to America

14th Apr 2010

The Doctor Who tour continues... with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat touching down in New York City to showcase the new series to North American audiences. Doctor Who starts on the BBC's US television channel BBC America on April 17.

The tour started with a screening at the prestigious Paley Center for the Media - the US equivalent of the BFI (British Film Institute), with a preview for BAFTA East Coast members and US news media. The Center was named after George Paley, one of the giants of US broadcasting who ran network CBS, famously known for championing popular programming with an edge, such as M*A*S*H.

Matt and Karen were excited as they were told they were to meet Sir Alan. Sir Alan? No, not Sir Alan Sugar seeking a new Apprentice... Instead they were greeted by Sir Alan Collins, KCVO CMG. As British Consul General in New York, Sir Alan is an avid supporter of promoting British culture and as British Trade Director-General keen on bringing the best of UK exports to the States.

The Eleventh Hour was introduced by Clark Collis, senior writer for Entertainment Weekly magazine. After the applause had died down, Clark welcomed Matt, Karen and Steven to the stage for the now traditional Doctor Who question and answer session. Journalists (or were they now fans?) quizzed our trio about Alex Kingston (yes, she is returning as River Song), and whether Neil Gaiman would be writing an episode next year: Steven said yes but remained tight lipped about the contents. Asked if there was a historical event that they would like to visit as the Doctor and Amy, Matt and Karen suggested visits to Atlantis and Woodstock, respectively. By the end fans were cheering any mention of fish fingers and custard!

Early US media reports have been favourable with the Wall Street Journal reporting 'Doctor Who Stars Storm Paley Center'. Matt, Karen and Steven then departed to prepare for a day of press visits from the New York Times newspaper ('motto': All the news that's fit to print) to MTV headquarters in Times Square.

We'll be bringing you more from the tour and some exclusive images over the next couple of days.

(The BBC is grateful to the Paley Center and BAFTA East Coast for hosting the event, further coverage will be posted on the Paley Center website.. The BBC is not responsible for content on third party websites)

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