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Eagles Trade For DE/LB Barnes From Ravens
September 4, 2010 | Last Updated: 9/4/10 2:48 PM ET | Comments (11)

The Eagles keep wheeling and dealing as they have acquired defensive end/linebacker Antwan Barnes from the Baltimore Ravens for an undisclosed draft pick in 2011. Barnes' experience as a stand-up rusher could signal that he'll be in line to play the Joker position.

A fourth-round draft pick of the Ravens in 2007, the 6-1, 251-pound Barnes has 20 career tackles, five sacks, an interception, a pass deflection, a forced fumble and 24 special teams tackles. A 3-4 outside linebacker in Baltimore, he has played with his hand down as an end in college. Last year, Barnes had his most productive season on defense with a career-high three sacks and an interception.

Barnes has played in 38 career NFL games. The Norland, Fla. native and former Florida International star, Barnes set the FIU record with 23 career sacks and is one of only six players in school history to amass over 200 tackles (224). He was a first-team Sun Belt honoree in both his junior and senior seasons.

What does this move mean for the depth at defensive end? It already appeared strong with veterans Trent Cole, Juqua Parker and Darryl Tapp along with rookies Brandon Graham and Daniel Te'o-Nesheim. This shows that the Eagles are willing to make moves to strengthen the roster, no matter how deep a position already seems.

The Eagles roster currently stands at 66 and has to get down to 53 by 6 PM tonight. 

UPDATE: Count cornerback Asante Samuel as one excited by the acquisition. Per his Twitter account, "Philly Fans... Welcome my boi Antwan Barnes to Philly! If u don't know him now, you will soon, as he is a BEAST. 8 Days til game time!!!"

UPDATE 2: After reportedly sending a sixth-round pick in 2011 on Friday for Reggie Wells, Jordan Raanan of reports that Barnes was acquired for a seventh-round pick in 2011. 

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 12:55 p.m., September 4

Eagles Trade For DE/LB Barnes From Ravens
12:57 pm ET
I don't quite get it, another DE? That gives us what 6 now and only 3 safeties(2 of which are rookies). I thought the eagles were out of their minds when they took 3 DE's in the draft. I have to think this trade was mainly to bolster special teams as it seems we already have incredible depth at DE.
6:20 pm ET
Sorry, Its a deke, 55 shown on roster yet
5:30 pm ET
The winged one is here. Always reading but not writing. Not any more. I love the Eagles and its time to run my mouth. I'm excited. I love the roster and wish we could keep 60 (like everyone else). Cant wait to see what happens in an hour.
mic flont
4:31 pm ET
@jay I agree with what u said about andrews. he's a bum lets cut him. besides that u make NO SENSE! on the O-line we are solid in our starting five with cole in place of andrews. Cole ts a starting caliber Guard and center in the league his body of work the last two years proves that. JJ is gonna start week one and we will be fine. Wells,Gilles,McGlynn and howard are hella solid as back ups. we will be fine on the o-line. On the D line The startrs are great! at DE we are better than we have been in 20years. Our starting DT are very good and Laws, Dixon and owens are fine back ups. have u been watching the pre season???? what do expect to have pro bowl back ups at DT???? get real! The only real worry we should have is Kevin Kolb's un proven play at QB. that is the only thing that MIGHT hold us back.
4:11 pm ET
For a coach who always seemed to kill our drafts with loading up on Offensive & Defensive lineman early and often....we sure have a shaky O-line and no depth at D-Tackle. With Jamaal Jackson's injury he won't be 100% all year, and we are dead at RG. Coles is a solid backup and fill-in, but not a good plan to be our guy and start all year. Andrews needs to be cut, YESTERDAY. And hopefully Reggie Wells is good but he wasn't good enough to start for AZ, who give up a lot of sacks, so what does that say? Then on defense, if Bunk or Patterson gets hurt we are dead. Laws has always been a bust (1 solid preseason in 3 years ain't cutting it) and Dixon is too raw to matter. STOP STOCK PILING D-ENDS AND GO GET US AN INTERIOR LINEMAN & D-TACKLE WHO CAN PLAY RIGHT NOW!!!!!
4:02 pm ET
Barnes can be a great role player. He has rare 4.45 speed for a guy who is 6'1", 250 lbs. and has experience matching up with offensive tackles as a 3-4 OLB. He could be useful in Joker and 3-4 packages. I like this trade.
3:05 pm ET
The Eagles acquired another option for rushing the quarterback who was buried in Baltimore's depth chart for a 7th round pick. Low risk, possibly big reward. Not an every down player but will be a good role player. Pretty good on special teams too.
2:00 pm ET
I like this trade the guy is a beast. Guys who have something to prove are always better to get that guys looking for there next check. There the ones who usually don't play with heart.
1:52 pm ET
Sorry Dag, I can't agree.. I'd rather see the Birdz draft well and get stars that way... May take longer but a lot safer then deals like the Redskins with Haynesworth who has been nothing but a headache for them. Balance is key to staying a good team for a long time, and making huge deals often destroys that balance.
1:29 pm ET
Im trying to think how many of these kind of trades have actually helped the Eagles? We do alot of aquiring with not alot of production. Yawn. I would rather them get a proven stud player instead of all this discount shot in the dark hopefuls. Baltimore being a aggressive defensive oriented team isnt giving nothing away for free. PS. Watching Penn States offense is like watching the Eagles. Boring. Joe really sounds old he needs to retire.
1:13 pm ET
I like the fact the FO is continuing to tweek the roster and try and get the best 53 men available. Could be a trade in the works for one of out DE and this is an insurance type of move. I do not really know alot about Barnes other than he has a good motor and is a better run defender than pass rusher. Time will tell is this is a positive move.

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