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Roadrunner Records are delighted to announce the release of American rock band ALTER BRIDGE’S third album, AB III, in October 2010. The acclaimed band, fronted by Myles Kennedy and also including Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Philips, will follow up the release with European/UK tour dates between 16 October and 4 December.

“We’ve been wanting to pair up with Roadrunner for a while now,” says Tremonti. “We’ve always thought it would be the perfect home for us, especially with all the other acts on the Roadrunner roster, so we really wanted to make it happen.” He adds: “We’re real excited to get the record out. We lock ourselves into a room 24 hours a day when we’re doing a record, and we put everything we had into AB III. It’s been a whirlwind!”

Looking back at Alter Bridge’s career to date, you can’t help but agree with him. Formed in 2004 by Tremonti and Phillips after a cooling of their relationship with the Creed singer (Creed has since reconciled and reunited), the new band hooked up with then ex-Creed bassist Marshall and former Mayfield Four frontman Kennedy (who recently performed and co-wrote 2 songs on Slash’s solo record and fronts his touring band).

In 2004 the band recorded their debut album, One Day Remains. It went gold in the United States and spawned three singles as well as the track “Metalingus,” which was adopted by the WWE’s Superstar Edge as his theme song later that year. In 2007 the band released the critically acclaimed second album, Blackbird, which included the hit singles “Rise Today” and “Watch Over You.” The latter became a top 10 video as well as the featured song on VH-1’s Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. The band took to the road to promote their sophomore release, gaining more fans across the globe with their intense and powerful live show.

Lyrically, the first two albums are based on themes immersed in hope and perseverance in the face of adversity. On AB III, however, the theme has shifted. Kennedy states, “This record is definitely a departure from the last two albums in terms of its subject matter. It touches on the thoughts and emotions of someone who has come to question everything that was once regarded as an absolute truth. It’s the realization that everything you once believed in might not exist.”

This journey is set into motion by the album’s opening track, “Slip to the Void.” The song’s sparse and moody intro set’s up the narrative as Kennedy’s vocal and lyrics emerge. Tremonti adds, “’Slip To The Void,’ has one of my favorite vocal performances ever by Myles, the song is really creepy and lets the listener know the vibe of the record. It’s pretty dark, the intro really sucks you in.”

The album then shifts gears into the metallic first single, “Isolation,” showcasing Alter Bridge’s ability to play and write aggressively while maintaining their signature melodic component. Tremonti states, “Melody is still the most important thing for us. There’s no point in being heavy just for the sake of being heavy.”

From the bombastic riffs of “Still Remains” to the brooding band favorite “Show Me A Sign,” the album plays like a concept record whose main character is someone desperately struggling to find their place in a world steeped in doubt and emptiness. The track, “Words Darker Than Their Wings,” is the final chapter of this tale. Kennedy says, “The lyric was inspired by a conversation I had with a good friend a while ago. It was the catalyst for the idea of having both Mark and I trade off on the lead vocal. I thought it would be a good way of making the differing points of view in the ‘conversation’ be more effective. More importantly, I thought Mark sounded great singing it!”

While AB III is a record with a consistent theme, there are songs both musically and thematically that break away and touch on different human emotions. One of those moments is found in “Wonderful Life,” a song that Kennedy claims was “An extremely emotional song to put together, it took a long time.” He then adds, “The lyric was inspired by the idea that there will come a day when we all must say goodbye to the ones we love and hold dear in our hearts. Basically, I asked myself what would I want to say in that final moment, that last goodbye?”

The band enlisted Producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Iggy Pop, Incubus), to capture the vision the band had for AB III. Baskette, described by Tremonti as “like a fifth band-member,” was also at the helm for the recording of Blackbird. Kennedy says,” Over the years we have definitely established a bond with Elvis. We trust his instincts, he knows how to bring out the best in us sonically and creatively.”

AB III is an incredibly intense and dynamic album proving Alter Bridge continues to grow and evolve with each recording. “We went into the process of putting the record together with a lot of confidence,” Tremonti reveals, “but we didn’t go into it looking to be commercial, or to have radio singles. We just wanted this to be an album that pleased us artistically, through and through.”

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  1. Chris Says:

    That was a pretty decent article!

    Please come back to Australia :(. I missed your show in Sydney last time you came because of exams and that was a real bummer.

  2. Alun Says:

    It’s funny, when I heard the release of the album was early October, I thought ‘YES, not too long to go!’, but now that I’ve heard ‘Isolation’, it suddenly seems a loooong way away! Really can’t wait, this is gonna be good :)

  3. leo Says:

    great! come to argentina!
    the 1st single is amazing!

  4. Wes Says:

    Amazing….. simply amazing

  5. Daniel Says:

    Wow. I can’t wait to hear “Wonderful Life”, it sounds awesome.

    P.S -Come back to Australia!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Da Dude Man Says:

    I’m gonna love this. Music for the right reasons. Straight up, rock. There’s no other bands like this anymore.

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  8. Jim Says:

    This Album sounds like it is going to be the BEST EVER MADE of ANY BAND! I agree with on commenter, October didn’t seem far off but holy hell I can’t turn “Isolation” off!!!!!! I’ve heard they may open for Godsmack……..I’d rather Godsmack Open for Alter Bridge!!!!

  9. shane o'loughlin Says:

    just listened to isolation and its simply awesome just gotta wait for the album now which seems miles away!!! u guys rock!!

  10. Tim Mann Says:

    How cool is that……………..Great info……………..Now time has stopped……….The wait to hear this is going to kill me………..Peace! X-Mann

  11. Vincent Says:

    this thing is gonna be the shit, i know it for shure …

    i’ve listened to isolation and it’s a killer track …

    Here in holland, we can’t wait to see what you’ll bring us on the 8th of november … i can still remember the 7th of december, 2008 very well …

    i’ll be waiting for u kings rock ‘n roll …


  12. Benjamin Says:

    Its amazing how I have followed This band’s theme all these years including creed and I have to say Mark and Myles, I have coincidentally been on a mirror image journey. Alter Bridge would be the theme song for my life if my life could be expressed musically..
    Isolation was fearfully and WONDERFULLY MADE!!!!!!

  13. Joe R Says:

    When can we order it? I need my Alter fix ASAP!

  14. Nick Says:

    This will most definitely be the best AB album to date! I can not wait to get mine in October. I haven’t stopped playing Isolation since i first heard it. I can’t say enough about Myles’s voice and Mark’s playing. I can’t put it into words. COME TO SEATTLE!!! We need a real rock band to come to town.

  15. matthew8 Says:

    Can’t wait for show me a sign. I love the idea of Mark Tremonti sing in the front with myles

  16. Kevin Says:

    Sounds great only 1 more month.

  17. Elliot Says:

    Very excited about this band. I’ve successfully learned almost every alter bridge song including the new isolation track. Love it all to bits! Come to San Francisco!!

  18. Eric Says:

    Just heard Isolation. What a great sound. I love the Metal and still I can understand everything Miles is singing. I cannot wait here in NC to get the new Album. My friends think I’m crazy but my Blackbird Album is in my car pretty much 5 out of the 7 days of the week. Oh yeah the rest of the Band , Brian and Scott, and even Mark’s singing sounds really good.

  19. Paul S. Says:

    ‘Isolation’ sounds awesome! Looking foward to the new album. You guys F%$#ing ROCK!

  20. NEIL Says:

    PLEASE!!!! lml

  21. Adam Says:

    I just listened to “Isolation”…if this is any indication of what’s to come, I am impatiently waiting it’s release. You guys rock…

  22. samuel Says:

    i can wait to hear “Wondelful life”

  23. niki franko Says:

    WOW, SUPER EXCITED !!! FLORIDA STOP???? Maybe after the new year?! Have FUN and be safe! God Bless ya’ll and your families!!!

  24. Joe Says:

    Hey Guys, great article, just listen to isolation and cant wait to hear the rest.
    You guys gotta come back to Australia, come play the SOUNDWAVE festival in FEB 2011 with Sevendust and Iron Maiden it would killer man.

  25. Harry Says:

    Really looking forward to the album. It should be very powerful overall, and I’m pulling for you guys to make number 1 album. That would make me glad. I’m hoping to see you guys with Godsmack sometime in March, but I still wish that you were the headliners. That would be awesome to see. :D

  26. really??? Says:

    really? f***ing godsmack? why would such a great band have to open for one of the s***iest bands on the planet?

  27. Citysin Angels Says:

    Holy Hell, i cant waith to hear Mark and Myles trade Lead Vocal duties!! Best band of all time Alter Bridge

  28. david Says:


  29. Frank Says:

    Isolation is awesome! When will the album be released in the United States?

  30. itamar Says:

    AB III is going to be so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    come to israel!!!!!

  31. budrosonovich Says:

    sounds like the boys dug as deep as they could with this one…the new single is great,, mark’s tone and riffs just keep gettin heavier…and yea, there’s a very thin line between being full of doubt and emptiness artistically, and just being full of shit…think about it….

  32. pinosio Says:

    we can’t wait to hear the new album!! i’m also sure we’ll be charmed at italians dates of this tour cause we’ll be there!!.. come to UDINE next time!! your fans club is waiting you..

  33. Ana Carvalho Says:

    AB /m\

  34. Matador Says:

    U r Amazing!!!!!
    Come to Portugal and play your best songs like “In Loving Memory” :)

  35. Bruno Says:

    Loved the article =) I can’t wait to listen to all of that songs you talk about here =D I’m sure they’ll be awsome!

    AB i rally like you mates! Hope someday you can come to Portugal =) I’ll wait for ya

  36. Patrick Silva Says:


  37. Lucas Tegon Says:



  38. derriel Says:

    first single was bad ass guys. had goose bumps throught the entire song. i sure wish you would tour the usa though.

  39. derriel Says:

    you have alot of disapointed fans in the U.S. cuz you wont be touring here soon

  40. yuhazli Says:

    the greatest rock band of all time …cant wait for the new album..hope u guys will here(malaysia) someday..keep rockin”..

  41. Alyssa Says:

    PLEASE come to Canada! I am DYING to see the band live! Thrilled for the new album, just waiting for the North American tour dates! See you soon I hope!

  42. MarryX Says:

    This first single “Isolation” is awesome!!! I think the sound is more heavy and I like it soooo much!!! Guys, I love you… Please, come to Serbia!!! :-*

  43. Dillon Says:

    cant wait till its released :)

  44. matt Says:

    derriel they will be here in the spring, its not that long

  45. Melvin Says:

    It was so great to hear about Isolation….. very cool! Totally rocks! I hope that album will be released in Malaysia by via UK Roadrunner label like Megadeth from British heavy metal band released in US Roadrunner label same too….. I can’t wait till October… So, you’re be my inspiration to listening about your music….! Come to Malaysia…..Please..

  46. Nick Says:

    Isolation sounds amazing! can’t wait to hear the rest! Come to Australia please! we beg of you!

  47. Sye Says:

    I just cannot wait until October 20th in Nottingham. Isolation sounds awesome!

  48. Cameron Says:

    This band is freaking awesome!!!! I can not wait for this album to come out!!

  49. Daniel Says:

    oh my gosh i cant wait. wonderful life sounds freacken’ amazing and the single is nuts. hurry up and tour the U.S.

    ALTERBRIDGE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Jose Says:



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