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People flee area after communal clashes in Bengal
September 12, 2010   1:11:52 AM

Saugar Sengupta | Kolkata

Atmosphere remained surcharged in Deganga, the epicentre of Tuesday’s communal clashes, notwithstanding the district administration’s claim that the situation was “fast getting under control”.

Members of a particular community continued to flee their homes in hordes, local sources said, despite route marches staged by some 200-strong Army jawans. Locals fleeing towards Basirhat sub-division said members of the rival community had threatened to “clear the area by Saturday”.

Members of two communities clashed in the Basirhat sub-division of North 24 Parganas district leaving at least 24 persons, including the officer-in-charge of a police station, injured. Reports on Wednesday said at least seven persons had died or were missing though sources in the district administration confirmed only one death.

Clashes started around 11 pm on Monday and continued intermittently even on Wednesday.

While Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee had been alerted about the deteriorating situation, there was hardly any Left leader to be seen in the riot-struck area, which, locals felt, was apparently for the fear of losing minority votes.

Things came to a flash point when members of one community started digging the pathway leading to a Durga temple at Chattal Pally village in Deganga police station. They attacked members of the other community when the latter requested to stop the digging.

The local toughs, who were on Tuesday led by Maqbur Rehman and Mintu Sahji, looting and burning shops and religious places were still on rampage with the police reportedly managing to arrest only three persons when reports last came in. Officer-in-charge of Deganga Arup Ghosh was seriously injured in the clashes on Tuesday.

Though District Magistrate V Kumar and DIG SN Gupta said precautions had been taken, there was no respite for the members of a particular community, insiders said. There was, however, no fresh desecration of any temple as the administration had deployed policemen around religious places, the DM said.

The clashes had spread to interior villages from Kartickpur, Kadambagachi, where the Army and paramilitary forces were patrolling the area.

Though situation was normal around the Kolkata-Basirhat highway, there was no respite for those attacked in the interior areas, locals at Kartickpur said. “They have chased the Rapid Action Force away and the CRPF and BSF personnel have refused to enter the areas as they have been asked not to resort to firing,” Bhabaranjan Payne, an old man who had fled to sub-divisional town of Basirhat, said.  

“They were planning to attack Biswanathpur from two sides, so the residents of that village had fled to Kartickpur,” Payne said.

Quite a few houses at Khejurdanga Karmakarpara, a village 2 km from the highway, were burnt even as the RAF and police forces who were hopelessly outnumbered watched helplessly, victims who had moved towards Barasat, said.

Armymen patrolling the main road did not venture inside as there were only 200-odd jawans, sources said.

“We are trying to pacify the people of the area and we hope things would normalize,” local Trinamool Congress MP Haji Nurul Islam said, refuting reports that his partymen were trying to shield the culprits.  

According to Amulya Bag, a local, sustained infiltrations from Bangladesh were under control till 2009. The situation changed fast after Basirhat CPI MP Ajoy Mukherjee was defeated by Islam, he added.

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Bullet peudo media
By suraj on 9/10/2010 8:42:05 AM

most media back out this new since the culprits were muslims... thanks pioneer for being. bengalis can fight british but not muslims... we need RSS shakha in WB to protect hindus.

Bullet Islamic Terror
By Nilanjan on 9/9/2010 9:36:12 PM

Hats Off to the Pioneer for bringing this piece to News to the open. Our secular fundamentalist media has not even throught it worthy to even publishing it. If such is the situation in West Bengal I shudder to think what could actually go on in Bangaldesh. Bengali Hindus could soon become an endangered species . Wake up from your shell of Marxism please ....This is our last resort.

Bullet Thanks for letting us know
By A on 9/9/2010 8:14:19 PM

Thanks for letting us know about the going on in Bengal the fountainhead of intellect in India. Cannot the government see the problem because of infiltration from Bangladesh. What is the RSS waiting for ? We should wall the entire border and throw out Mamta Baneerjee and her cohorts who are willing to fall to any level for power.

By Mandar on 9/9/2010 7:26:34 PM

Where is Teesla? WHERE IS THE NAXALITE BACKER? OO I get it, its human rights for the looters who looted the money, homes and shops of hindus!

Bullet People flee area after communal clashes in Bengal
By anil on 9/9/2010 4:10:29 PM

As you sow, so you reap. No surprises! No point asking people to feel sorry for this development.

Bullet Sphinx like silence when hindus are made to flee
By KSV SUBRAMANIAN on 9/9/2010 1:17:19 PM

In secular India, hindus are no more safe. They are made to flee from their homes by the infiltrators from across the border. The infiltrators get help from the so called seculars but not hindus. From the above it can be seen that hindus are not safe even in India in places where they are in minority.

Bullet Spread of Islam with terror...
By Ram on 9/9/2010 7:03:32 AM

What is RSS doing...They should be in Assam and West Bengal, which are going to be the next Kashmir thanks to communist appeasement of Muslims...Hindus are now hostage in their own country, in West Bengal, Assam, Kerala....

Bullet Deganga
By Rudy on 9/9/2010 1:34:20 AM

The Daily Pioneer is the ONLY honest and brave English language Newspaper left in India. Thanks for some truth in reporting.

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