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Principality of Liechtenstein
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Successes / Highlights 

At the Olympic Games since 1936
Liechtenstein has participated in the Olympic Games since 1936. The delegations have ranged from 13 athletes (Winter Games 1988 in Calgary) to 2 (Summer Games 1948 in London, 1952 in Helsinki, 1964 in Tokyo, 1972 in Mexico, and 1996 in Atlanta). Main sporting events for Liechtenstein in the Winter Games are Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and bobsledding, and in the Summer Games track and field, judo, cycling, and shooting.

Nine Olympic medals for Liechtenstein!
Liechtenstein athletes have so far won nine Olympic medals. All these medals were won in Alpine skiing:

  • 1976 Innsbruck
    Bronze Slalom - Willi Frommelt
    Bronze Slalom - Hanni Wenzel
  • 1980 Lake Placid
    Gold Slalom - Hanni Wenzel
    Gold Giant Slalom - Hanni Wenzel
    Silver Downhill - Hanni Wenzel
    Silver Giant Slalom - Andi Wenzel
  • 1984 Sarajevo
    Bronze Giant Slalom - Ursula Konzett
    Bronze Giant Slalom - Andi Wenzel
  • 1988 Calgary
    Bronze Slalom - Paul Frommelt

World Championship Medals
Again and again, athletes from small Liechtenstein win medals in World Championships:

Alpine skiing

  • Hanni Wenzel
    Gold: Slalom 1974
    Silver: Combination 1974 and 1978
  • Andi Wenzel
    Gold: Combination 1978
    Silver: Giant Slalom 1978
  • Marco Büchel
    Silver: Giant Slalom 1999
  • Willi Frommelt
    Bronze: Downhill 1974 and Giant Slalom 1978
  • Paul Frommelt
    Bronze: Slalom 1978
  • Ursula Konzett
    Bronze: Giant Slalom 1982

Model airplanes

  • Wolfgang Matt
    (Aerobatics F3A) Gold: 1975 and 1979
    Silver: 1971, 1973, 1985, 1987, 1989 and 1995
    Bronze: 1977, 1981, 1993 and 1997


  • Roman Hermann
    Bronze: 1982 Professional Points Race


  • Martin Kaiser
    Silver: 1999 WKA-Semikontakt -90kg
    Bronze: 2002 WKA-Semikontakt-90kg
    Gold: 2003 28. Everhart`s Karate and Kung Fu Championships (Washington D.C.)
    Gold: 2005 WKA-Semikontakt Senioren +81kg
    Bronze: 2005 WKA-Semikontakt +91kg
  • Christian Bazdaric
    Silver: 2001 WKA-Semikontakt -86kg
    Bronze: 2005 WKA-Semikontakt -86kg
  • Günther Wohlwend
    Bronze: 2004 WKA-Semikontakt -91kg


  • Metin Kayar
    Gold: 2004 WKA-Pointfighting Junioren -67kg
    Gold: 2005 WKA-Pointfighting Junioren -67kg
    Silber: 2007 WKA-Karate Kata
    Gold: 2008 Seidokan Super League Karate Kata
    Gold: 2008 Seidokan Super League Karate Kumite
    Gold: 2009 Seidokan Super League-Karate Kumite

Winter Triathlon

  • Marc Ruhe
    Gold 2002

Willi Frommelt
Willi Frommelt

Andy Wenzel
Hanni Wenzel

Andy and Hanni Wenzel
Andi and Hanni Wenzel

Ursula Konzett
Ursula Konzett

Paul Frommelt
Paul Frommelt

Marco Büchel
Marco Büchel

Wolfgang Matt
Wolfgang Matt

Roman Hermann
Roman Hermann

Martin Kaiser
Martin Kaiser

Metin Kayar

Marc Ruhe
Marc Ruhe

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